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East Dartmoor Woods and Heath NNR : Yarner Wood NNR - Large-scale variation in the temporal patterns of the frass fall of defoliating caterpillars in oak woodlands in Britain: implications for nesting woodland birds (RP1354)

This published scientific journal article (BTO Bird Studies) includes data from Yarner Wood NNR as part of a countrywide research project to quantify large-scale patterns in the timing and duration of the spring peak in abundance of defoliating caterpillars in oak woodlands in Britain as these caterpillars are a major food resource for woodland breeding birds. Traps were deployed to collect caterpillar frass in 19 oak woods including Yarner Wood.

Project details

Start date2010-04-01
End date2010-06-30

Closing statement

This work has been catalogued as part of the NNR Record Project, but Natural England do not own the copyright to be able to make the article available externally.


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