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Health and the natural environment

Health and the natural environment publications. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care NECR204 2016/02/09
A sense of freedom: the experiences of disabled people in the natural environment NE52 2007/01/01
An estimate of the value and cost effectiveness of the expanded Walking the Way to Health Initiative scheme 2009 TIN055 2009/07/10
An evaluation of the Walking for Wellness project and the befriender role NECR118 2013/07/16
An evaluation of walking schemes in Devon NECR070 2011/05/12
  Biodiversity’s contribution to the quality of life ENRR510 2003/04/01
Care farming: Defining the ‘offer’ in England NECR155 2014/08/07
Costing the Walking for Health programme NECR099 2012/07/30
Expanding delivery of care farming services to health and social care commissioners NECR194 2015/08/06
Good practice in social prescribing for mental health: the role of nature-based interventions NECR228 2017/01/18
Green Exercise Programme Evaluation NERR039 2011/03/29
Green space access, green space use, physical activity and overweight NECR067 2011/04/04
Greening Dementia - a literature review of the benefits and barriers facing individuals living with dementia in accessing the natural environment and local greenspace NECR137 2013/11/21
Investigating the potential increase in health costs due to a decline in access to greenspace: an exploratory study NERR062 2016/02/23
Is it nice outside? - Consulting people living with dementia and their carers about engaging with the natural environment NECR211 2016/03/11
JP051 Nature based education in the 21st century JP051 2023/09/08
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Wellbeing and the natural environment NECR129 2013/10/04
NECR500 People and Nature Survey Analysis 2023 NECR500 2023/09/07
NEER030 A narrative review of reviews of nature exposure and human health and well-being in the UK NEER030 2024/03/01
  Natural Solutions for Tackling Health Inequalities Conference speeches 2013/12/11
  Nature and psychological well-being ENRR533 2003/10/01
  Nature for people: the importance of green spaces to East Midlands communities ENRR567 2004/01/01
Outdoors for All Case Stories 2012-14 OFA003 2014/11/20
Outdoors for All case stories 2010-11 OFA001 2012/12/11
Outdoors for All case stories 2011-12 OFA002 2012/12/11
  Phoenix House Therapeutic Conservation Programme: underpinning theory ENRR611 2004/10/27
The effect of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on health and natural environment engagement in the Lee Valley NE574 2014/08/12
Walking for Health Attendance Study: An analysis of attendance patterns of Walking for Health participants NECR098 2012/07/30
Walking for Health: ‘inactive’ walkers – barriers to participation, and activity substitution NECR068 2011/05/03
What impact did Walking for Health have on the physical activity levels of participants? NECR075 2012/07/30
What motivates people to participate in organised walking activity? NERR028 2009/12/04
Who took part in Walking for Health?: An analysis of walker demographics April 2008 to March 2010 NERR041 2011/06/27