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Publications relating to a secure environmental future.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Assessing and responding to climate risks to Natural England’s objectives.Report to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs November 2010 NE293 2010/11/01
Defra land use project: demonstration case studies workstream TP1688 2010/01/04
England’s Natural Environment in 2060 – issues, implications and scenarios NERR031 2009/11/26
Future trends for outdoor recreation TP1680 2005/12/15
Global drivers of change to 2060 NECR030 2009/11/26
Introduction to the scenarios compendium TIN077 2011/03/10
Investing in the East of England's natural assets, state value and vision NE130 2009/07/07
Measuring Pro-environmental Behaviour and its Determinants: A quick scoping review of existing closed answer measures and design considerations to inform survey design NECR507 2023/10/25
NECR485 Edition 1 Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI NECR485 2023/08/31
Natural England’s climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan (2012) NE318 2012/01/26
Scenarios compendium NECR031 2011/02/01
Ten principles to guide our approach to securing the future of England’s upland environment NE99 2008/01/01
The call of the sea: safeguarding the future of the marine environment NE128 2008/01/01
  The future of transport 2005-2015 ENRR665 2005/12/01
The natural environment: adapting to climate change NE118 2009/03/31
Trends in Pastoral Commoning NECR001 2009/02/12
  What might a British forest-landscape driven by large herbivores look like? ENRR530 2003/05/28