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Future trends for outdoor recreation (TP1680)

In 2005 a strategic futures consultancy firm, the Henley Centre, were commissioned to undertake an independent assessment of the main factors that would influence the future of outdoor recreation.

The Henley Centre consulted widely among key organisations with an interest in the outdoors and looked at the trends that they expected would have implications for outdoor recreation between 2005 and 2015.

Henley Centre’s report on the main factors that will influence the future of outdoor recreation includes a paper introducing the research and five discussion papers. Each of the discussion papers focuses on a different aspect of outdoor recreation.


Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Appendix J: Comparison of impact mapping across the discussion papers, PDF, 246.6 kB 2012/01/18
Background and introduction to the research into outdoor recreation, PDF, 346.7 kB 2012/01/12
Demand for outdoor recreation, PDF, 555.0 kB 2012/01/12
Health and outdoor recreation, PDF, 496.6 kB 2012/01/12
Supply of places for outdoor recreation, PDF, 628.3 kB 2012/01/12
Planning for outdoor recreation, PDF, 649.1 kB 2012/01/12
The impact of outdoor recreation, PDF, 503.3 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix A: Mapping the impact of outdoor recreation, PDF, 291.0 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix B: Potential drivers of change in outdoor recreation to 2020, PDF, 199.5 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix C: Trends assessment workshop presentation, PDF, 1.1 MB 2012/01/12
Appendix D: List of organisations participating in the trends assessment workshops, PDF, 174.5 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix E: References, PDF, 14.9 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix F: Executive interviews: discussion guide, PDF, 59.8 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix G: Executive interviews: participating organisations, PDF, 175.1 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix H: Glossary, PDF, 231.5 kB 2012/01/12
Appendix I: Report on qualitative research into 'Understanding the barriers to participation in outdoor recreation, PDF, 1.2 MB 2012/01/12
Appendix K: Understanding the systems and futures tools used, PDF, 213.0 kB 2012/01/12