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Management planning

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Bracken management and control TIN048 2008/10/16
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
Carbon Management by Land and Marine Managers NERR026 2008/11/27
Freshwater Non-native Species Management Initiatives: Pilot Project NERR023 2008/12/08
NECR494 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Vascular Plant and Charophyte Survey 2022 NECR494 2023/10/23
  Support for decision-making in conservation ENRR493 2003/03/01
  The impact of ‘rock-fall’ mesh / netting on scientifically and educationally important geological exposures: a case study ENRR679 2006/06/29
  The impact, use and control of fire ENRR297 1998/03/02
The importance of livestock grazing for wildlife conservation IN170 2006/10/24
The management of natural coastal carbon sinks NECR033 2009/12/01