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Freshwater Non-native Species Management Initiatives: Pilot Project (NERR023)

Non-native species are recognised as a major threat to biodiversity and are a reason for the unfavourable condition of a number of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Currently, there is no one body responsible for the control or management of non-native species. Most management is carried out piecemeal by numerous organisations, individuals and volunteer groups. One of the problems of this is the risk of re-infestation if management is not addressed in a coordinated manner on a wide scale.

Two pilot non-native species management initiatives were established to demonstrate the benefits of a coordinated approach and to act as best practice guidance for other initiatives. These were in Cumbria and Norfolk and involved stakeholders from a range of statutory and non-statutory organisations, individuals and volunteer bodies. Two workshops were held in each county and champions were identified to continue the work.

Downloads available for this record

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NERR023 edition 1, PDF, 363.0 kB 2011/09/29
RIN023 edition 1, PDF, 40.8 kB 2011/09/29