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Habitat connectivity

Publications about the relationship and distribution of habitats, including habitat corridors. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of large-scale conservation in England, Scotland and Wales JP019 2017/01/12
  Are habitat corridors conduits for animals and plants in a fragmented landscape? A review of the scientific evidence ENRR094 1991/01/01
Econets, landscape & people: Integrating people's values and cultural ecosystem services into the design of ecological networks and other landscape change proposals NECR180 2015/05/19
  Habitat fragmentation and heathland species ENRR095 1991/01/01
  Habitat fragmentation pilot study: insect mobility ENRR139 1996/01/05
  LM0450: Evaluating the relative importance of site and landscape characteristics and the effectiveness of restoring species-rich grassland through agri-environment schemes by sampling invertebrate communities RP01878 2016/01/14
  Linear features: linear habitats and wildlife corridors ENRR060 1991/01/01
  MA01031: Quantifying the impacts of Entry Level Stewardship on biodiversity at farm scale (Hillesden Experiment) RP00026 2016/01/14
Nature Networks - a summary for practitioners NERR082 2020/03/06
Nature Networks Evidence Handbook NERR081 2020/03/06
  Rebuilding the English countryside: habitat fragmentation and wildlife corridors as issues in practical conservation ENS10 1995/01/01
Testing the effectiveness of climate change adaptation principles for biodiversity conservation NECR112 2013/03/21
The role of landscape and site scale characteristics in making species populations resilient to climate change and extreme events NECR149 2015/08/10
  Trial Measures of habitat (particularly woodland) fragmentation ENRR134A 1994/10/03