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Terrestrial habitats

Publications and products about terrestrial habitats. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
A proposal for terrestrial environmental monitoring of Plant Protection Products (PPP) NECR377 2023/06/14
  Alkaline Fen & Transition Mire Survey of North York Moors National Park & Bishop Monkton Ings RP2922 2018/10/18
Burning as a tool for the restoration of upland blanket bog: Position Statement from Natural England UPS01 2020/11/04
Carbon storage by habitat: Review of the evidence of the impacts of management decisions and condition of carbon stores and sources NERR043 2012/05/29
Edition 1 DNA metabarcoding of faecal samples for assessment of invertebrate communities in pasture land NECR452 2024/03/19
  English Nature Habitat Restoration Project: Final report ENRR377 2000/06/01
NECR469 Tilbury Fort Marshes Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR469 2023/08/02
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
Natural England North East Pilot Project - Green Infrastructure and Priority Habitat Creation Opportunities - Update July 2014 2014/07/17
Nature Networks Evidence Handbook NERR081 2020/03/06
  Potential habitat creation and restoration by National Character Area (NCA) B2020-003 2013/07/19
TIN215 Producing Favourable Conservation Status Strategies Natural England’s guidance TIN215 2023/10/11
  The Mosaic Approach: Managing Habitats for Species B2020-009 2013/12/16