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Sites of Special Scientific Interest


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  2014 Fen Surveys of the North York Moors Fen Bog, Jugger Howe, Sand Dale, Troutsdale and Rosekirkdale RP2921 2018/10/18
  A preliminary entomological survey of Blindley Heath SSSI with emphasis on the Diptera ENRR002 1992/01/03
A review of the national importance and current condition of the saproxylic invertebrate assemblages at Birklands & Bilhaugh SSSIs, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire NECR072 2011/07/05
A review of the ornithological interest of SSSIs in England NERR015 2008/07/31
  A survey of ditch flora in the North Kent Marshes SSSI ENRR167 1995/10/02
  A tool for assessing the current conservation status of vascular plants on SSSIs in England ENRR690 2006/09/01
An assessment of evidence supporting a programme of wetland restoration projects in the New Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest NERR066 2016/11/08
An assessment of evidence supporting a programme of wetland restoration projects in the New Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest: Assurance Report NERR067 2016/11/08
An evidence base for setting organic pollution targets to protect river habitat TIN076 2010/11/11
Analysis and Reporting of Lowland Freshwater Ditches Validation Network Monitoring Data NECR005 2009/04/21
  Assessment and development of fuelwood uses for products from SSSI and ancient woodland conservation management at Wyre Forest, Worcestershire/Shropshire ENRR711 2006/08/01
Coastal catch-up how a soft rock cliff evolves when coastal defences fail NECR256 2018/10/04
  Condition Monitoring of the Intertidal Mudflats and Sandflats Feature of the Fal & Helford SAC RP00609 2015/12/17
  Current limnological condition of a group of the W.Midlands Meres that bear SSSI status ENRR059 1992/10/01
Developing a coherent framework for assessing priority freshwater habitats in England JP016 2018/04/11
  Ditch monitoring at Walland Marsh SSSI ENRR132 1994/10/03
England’s best wildlife and geological sites - the condition of Sites of Special Scientific Interest ST104 2003/01/01
  Further Invertebrate survey of RAF Lakenheath SSSI in July 1993 ENRR146A 1994/02/01
  Geomorphological appraisal of the River Nar Site of Special Scientific Interest ENRR684 2006/09/19
Geomorphological assessment of riverine SSSIs for the strategic planning of physical restoration NERR013 2008/07/29
Guidance on dealing with the changing distribution of tree species TIN053 2009/03/05
Healthy Estuaries 2020: An Assessment of Estuary Morphological Equilibrium NECR250 2018/07/23
  Identification Of Wintering Waterfowl High Tide Roosts On The Severn Estuary Sssi/Spa Phase 4 (Gloucestershire, With Part Of South Gloucestershire) RP02966 2018/03/28
Identification of Wintering Wildfowl High Tide Roosts & Recreational Disturbance Impacts on the Taw Torridge Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) NECR281 2019/10/01
  Identification of wintering waterfowl high tide roosts on the Severn Estuary SSSI/SPA (Brean Down to Clevedon) 2015 RP02262 2016/02/11
  Identification of wintering waterfowl roosts in the Severn Estuary SPA/SAC and Ramsar site; Phases 2 and 3 RP02366 2017/02/09
Integrated Site Assessments 2013/14: A report on Natural England’s assessments of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Higher Level Stewardship agreement NERR061 2015/10/09
  Invertebrate assemblages on English SSSIs ENRR618 2005/04/01
  Lichen survey of selected Breckland SSSIs, 2002 ENRR503 2002/10/01
  Lower Fal and Helford Intertidal SSSI Baseline Survey 2012 RP02918 2015/12/17
  Lowland Heathland SSSIs: guidance on conservation objectives setting and condition monitoring ENRR511 2003/01/01
Lugg Meadows Vegetation Study NECR071 2011/11/04
Mersey Narrows and North Wirral Foreshore Sites of Special Scientific Interest - Investigation into the impacts of Recreational Disturbance on Bird Declines NECR201 2015/11/18
  Monitoring the condition of lowland grassland SSSIs: Pt 1 English Nature’s rapid assessment method ENRR315 2000/01/03
NECR558 Edition 1 The Bernwood population of Bechstein's Bats NECR558 2024/05/31
NERR115 Edition 1 A Survey of the Black Hairstreak Butterfly in North Bucks NERR115 2024/05/31
NERR130 Edition 1 Bernwood Focus Area NVC surveys of woodland and grassland sites NERR130 2023/11/21
  National SSSI Sample Survey of lowland heathland ENRR291 1996/10/01
  National SSSI sample survey of lowland grasslands: pilot project ENRR130 1994/05/02
  National sample survey of SSSI fens 2000 ENRR349 1998/10/01
  Objective setting and condition monitoring within woodland Sites of Special Scientific interest ENRR472 2002/04/01
  Palaeolimnological investigation of English lake SSSIs ENRR694 2006/08/01
  Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC/SSSI: 2013 saltmarsh condition assessment survey RP01513 2016/12/08
Potential risk of impacts of nitrogen oxides from road traffic on designated nature conservation sites NECR200 2016/02/18
Protecting England’s natural treasures - Sites of Special Scientific Interest NE306 2011/01/01
  Radio tracking study of greater horseshoe bats at Buckfastleigh Caves Site of Special Scientific Interest, 2003 ENRR573 2005/01/17
Recreational activity and interactions with birds within SSSIs on the North-West coast of England RP03020 2020/08/26
Restoration scheme for Bolton Fell Moss MRP001 2013/09/30
  Salisbury Plain SSSI Integrated Site Assessment 2014-15 RP02386 2017/06/23
  Salisbury Plain: Common standards monitoring rare vascular plant survey 2008 RP04136 2017/06/23
  Saproxylic invertebrate survey, assessment and management recommendations of Calke Park, Derbyshire ENRR691 2006/09/01
  Severn Estuary SAC and SPA: Intertidal mudflats and sandflats condition assessment 2012 RP00844 2016/07/26
  Site information boards for geological and geomorphological SSSIs ENRR026 1992/01/01
  South Somerset SSSIs a study of successive MG5 grassland ENRR266 1998/09/01
Spurn Geomorphological Assessment NECR255 2018/10/04
State of the natural environment in the South West NE136 2009/01/01
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods II. Noar Hill Hanger ENRR604 2005/08/16
TIN216 Edition 1 Environment Act Interim Target for protected sites TIN216 2024/02/01
  Tamar Tavy & St Johns Lake SSSI Intertidal Biotope Survey 2010 RP01053 2015/12/17
Target 2010 - The condition of England’s SSSIs in 2005 owned and managed by business ST130 2006/01/01
Target 2010 - The condition of England’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest in 2005 ST120 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – East Midlands. The condition of the region’s SSSIs ST124 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – East of England. The condition of the region’s Sites of Special Scientific Int ST125 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – Greater London. The condition of the region’s SSSIs ST129 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – North East. The condition of the region’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest ST122 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – North West. The condition of the region’s Sites of Scientific Interest in 2005 ST123 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – South East. The condition of the region’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest ST126 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – South West. The condition of the region’s Sites of Special Scientific Interest ST128 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – West Midlands. The condition of the region’s SSSIs ST127 2006/01/01
Target 2010 – Yorkshire and the Humber. The condition of the region’s SSSIs ST121 2006/01/01
  Terrestrial Invertebrate survey of Prawle Point-Start Point SSSI, S.Devon ENRR126 1994/05/02
The New Forest heathland lichen survey 2011 to 2015 JP020 2017/04/13
  The biodiversity of three traditional orchards within the Wyre Forest SSSI in Worcestershire: a survey by the Wyre Forest Study Group ENRR707 2006/01/02
  The conservation and management of unconsolidated geological sections ENRR563 2004/09/03
The ecological effects of air pollution from road transport: an updated review NECR199 2016/02/18
  The role of fish in the management of freshwater Sites of Special Scientific Interest ENRR111 1994/04/01
Upper Teesdale: changes in upland hay meadow vegetation over the past twenty to thirty years - results presented from botanical surveys NECR139 2014/03/07
  Urban development adjacent to heathland sites in Dorset: the effect on the density and settlement patterns of Annex 1 bird species ENRR463 2002/12/02
Validation Network Project Saltmarshes NERR020 2008/09/24
  Validation Network Project. Upland habitats covering – blanket bog, dry dwarf shrub heath, wet dwarf shrub heath and Ulex gallii Dwarf shrub heath ENRR564 2004/01/01
Westward Ho!: Geomorphological Specialist Assessment NECR317 2020/07/08
  Wetland SSSI Conservation objectives ENRR423 2000/10/02
Wildlife at RAF Lakenheath CORP90 2006/10/24