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Protected areas

Publications about designated areas and other protected sites. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
Analysis of the UK’s International Nature Obligations Phase 1 NECR513 2023/10/05
Analysis of the UK’s International Nature Obligations Phase 2 NECR514 2023/10/05
Densities of qualifying species within Liverpool Bay Bae Lerpwl SPA: 2015 to 2020 NECR440 2023/06/14
  How the scale of effects on internationally designated nature conservation sites in Britain has been considered in decision making: A review of authoritative decisions ENRR704 2006/09/19
NECR441 Creating a Protected Area Network for nature recovery in England NECR441 2023/08/01
NECR467 Ecologically connected network think piece NECR467 2023/08/01
NECR472 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Breeding Birds report NECR472 2023/08/02
NECR480 Development of dynamic biodiversity indicators of success for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) NECR480 2023/08/01
NECR485 Edition 1 Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI NECR485 2023/08/31
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
Natural England Designations Strategy July 2012 NE353 2012/09/21
Summary of Natural England’s confirmed advice provided to Defra on Marine Conservation Zones to be considered for designation in 2019 JP028 2019/05/31
TIN216 Edition 1 Environment Act Interim Target for protected sites TIN216 2024/02/01
WFD Extended Deadlines information for Natura 2000 Protected Areas for the updated River Basin Management Plan consultation 2014/10/10