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Publications and products relating to peatlands. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of techniques for monitoring the success of peatland restoration NECR086 2011/09/02
  CHIRP - Climate change impacts on raised peatbogs: a case study of Thorne, Crowle, Goole, and Hatfield Moors ENRR457 2002/02/01
England's peatlands: carbon storage and greenhouse gases NE257 2010/03/17
Guidelines for monitoring peatland restoration TIN097 2011/09/02
Investigating the impacts of windfarm development on peatlands in England NECR032 2010/01/08
Mapping the status of upland peat using aerial photographs NECR089 2012/02/21
  Monitoring raised bogs: workshop report ENRR189 1996/03/01
NECR495 Edition 1 Review of Peak District Wildfire Risk Assessment 2022 NECR495 2024/02/14
NEER028 Edition 1 The Impacts of Vegetation Cutting on Peatlands and Heathlands NEER028 2023/11/16
  Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme Process Evaluation NECR546 2024/05/09
  Paludiculture UK Conference 2017: Working with our wetlands PUKC001 2018/09/25
Peat bog conservation - the importance of lowland raised bogs IN77 2006/10/24
  Prioritisation of Lowland Peat Programme Resources ENRR179 1996/01/05
The causes and prevention of wildfire on heathlands and peatlands in England NEER014 2020/07/28