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Biodiversity joint publications

Joint publications about species and terrestrial habitats. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A review of large-scale conservation in England, Scotland and Wales JP019 2017/01/12
A review of the National Vegetation Classification for the Calthion group of plant communities in England and Wales JP021 2017/04/18
Archive Site for Legacy Biodiversity Metrics 2019/07/29
Help save the Bumblebee...get more buzz from your garden B00 2006/10/24
Managing Molinia? Proceedings of a 3 day conference September 2015 JP017 2016/09/27
  The Biodiversity Metric Supporting Documents JP039 2021/07/07
The Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool - Beta Test Version JP038 2021/07/07
The New Forest heathland lichen survey 2011 to 2015 JP020 2017/04/13
  The Small Sites Metric JP040 2021/07/07
Working together to make space for nature - Recommendations from a conference on large-scale conservation in England JP011 2015/07/06