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Joint publications

Collaborative documents published by Natural England or partner organisations jointly, or in association. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Review of the Population and Conservation Status of British Mammals JP025 2018/06/13
Access to Nature: Learning Papers 2012/01/31
Access to Nature: evaluation and reports 2012/01/31
An assessment of the effects of the 2013-14 flooding on the wildlife and habitats of the Somerset Levels and Moors JP007 2014/10/28
Archive Site for Legacy Biodiversity Metrics 2019/07/29
Beaver reintroductions in England 2000 - 2021 JP036 2021/08/25
Catchment Sensitive Farming Phase 1 & 2 Evaluation JP005 2011/06/01
Climate Change Adaptation Manual - Evidence to support nature conservation in a changing climate NE546 2014/06/03
  DNA based marine benthic monitoring protocols 2022/05/25
  Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool User Survey Participant Information SUB_JP038 2021/11/18
Eurasian beaver disease risk management and post-release health surveillance protocol JP055 2024/05/21
Evaluation of DNA barcode libraries used in the UK and developing an action plan to fill priority gaps JR035 2020/10/14
Greenspace & Us JP047 2023/03/06
Greenspace & Us Part 2: A community insights co-production project with teenage girls to understand their needs for more inclusive and accessible greenspace JP053 2023/10/11
Improvement Programme for England’s Natura 2000 Sites (IPENS) Implementation progress report 2015-2018 IPENS078 2018/06/11
Initiation of UK Barcode of Life and filling priority gaps JP041 2022/01/24
Introduction to Freshwater Wetlands for Improving Water Quality JP044 2022/09/29
JP050 Creating More Accessible Green & Blue Spaces: Understanding the experiences of people with visual impairments that visit green and blue spaces JP050 2023/10/23
JP051 Nature based education in the 21st century JP051 2023/09/08
Long-term change and genetic connectivity in species-rich mesotrophic grassland vegetation with particular reference to hay meadows JP037 2021/03/01
Mapping Invasive Alien Species in intertidal habitats within Natura 2000 sites in the Solent JP042 2022/04/14
Nature Nurtures: Wild Walks Pilot JP049 2023/03/14
  Nature connectedness among adults and children in England JP032 2020/03/16
Pilot Results-Based Payment Approaches for Agri-environment schemes in arable and upland grassland systems in England JP0031 2019/10/09
Summary of Natural England’s confirmed advice provided to Defra on Marine Conservation Zones to be considered for designation in 2019 JP028 2019/05/31
  The Biodiversity Metric Supporting Documents JP039 2021/07/07
The Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool - Beta Test Version JP038 2021/07/07
  The Small Sites Metric JP040 2021/07/07
The best Trails in England and Wales. The nation’s favourite walks and rides. (Second edition - April 2013) NE157 2013/04/04
Working together to make space for nature - Recommendations from a conference on large-scale conservation in England JP011 2015/07/06