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Lowland heathland

Lowland heathland and heathland management and protection. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  11th National Heathland Conference 2016/02/02
  A brief review of the extent, nature and costs of lowland heathland management in England ENRR101 1994/04/01
A desk review of the ecology of heather beetle NEER008 2015/06/04
  A literature review of urban effects on lowland heaths and their wildlife ENRR623 2005/04/01
  A preliminary entomological survey of Blindley Heath SSSI with emphasis on the Diptera ENRR002 1992/01/03
A survey of selected agri-environment grassland and heathland creation and restoration sites NECR107 2013/01/11
  Ashdown Forest Grazing Action Plan ENRR602 2004/06/01
Assessment of the effect of Environmental Stewardship on improving the ecological status of grassland, moorland and heath NECR156 2014/09/29
Desk review of burning and other management options for the control for heather beetle NEER009 2015/06/04
  Development of eco-hydrological guidelines for wet heaths - Phase 1 ENRR620 2005/06/15
  Dog-walkers on the Dorset Heaths: Analysis of questionnaire data collected by wardens on Dorset’s Urban Heaths ENRR713 2006/08/01
  European Heathlands Network Conference papers 2013/06/28
  Examples of current grazing management of lowland heathlands and implications for future policy ENRR271 1998/03/02
  Grazing Heathland: a guide to impact assessment for insects and reptiles ENRR497 2003/01/01
Grazing management of lowland heathlands IN172 2006/10/24
  Habitat fragmentation and heathland species ENRR095 1991/01/01
Impact of heathland restoration and re-creation techniques on soil characteristics and the historical environment NERR010 2008/03/28
  Impacts of livestock grazing on lowland heathland ENRR422 2001/01/01
  Lowland Heathland SSSIs: guidance on conservation objectives setting and condition monitoring ENRR511 2003/01/01
Lowland heathland - a cultural and endangered landscape IN86 2006/10/24
  Lowland heathland in England: a Natural Areas approach ENRR170 1998/01/05
  Lowland heathland: the extent of habitat change (1993) ENS12 1993/01/01
  Lowland heathland: wildlife value and conservation status ENRR188 1996/03/01
Management of bare ground IN54 2006/10/24
  Monitoring Heathland fires in Dorset 1999 1999/09/30
NEER028 Edition 1 The Impacts of Vegetation Cutting on Peatlands and Heathlands NEER028 2023/11/16
  National SSSI Sample Survey of lowland heathland ENRR291 1996/10/01
Proceedings of the 10th National Heathland Conference: Managing Heathlands in the Face of Climate Change NECR014 2009/07/17
Results of the 2012/13 visitor survey on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) NECR136 2014/02/13
  Review of the value of published lowland heathland re-creation plans in progressing the BAP objectives ENRR409 2001/05/30
The New Forest heathland lichen survey 2011 to 2015 JP020 2017/04/13
The causes and prevention of wildfire on heathlands and peatlands in England NEER014 2020/07/28
The condition of lowland heathland: results from a sample survey of non-statutory stands in England NERR002 2007/11/13
The development of a lowland heathland structured species surveillance partnership and sites network NECR154 2014/09/19
  The impact of human disturbance on the breeding success of nightjar Caprimulgus europaeus on heathlands in south Dorset, England ENRR483 2003/10/01
  The lowland heathland management booklet version 2.0 ENS11 1996/01/01
  The lowland heathland management handbook ENS08 1992/01/01
  Urban development adjacent to heathland sites in Dorset: the effect on the density and settlement patterns of Annex 1 bird species ENRR463 2002/12/02
  Urban impacts on Dorset Heathlands: Analysis of the Urban Health Life Project heathland visitor questionnaire survey for 2004 ENRR714 2006/08/01
  Urban impacts on Dorset Heathlands: Analysis of the heathland visitor questionnaire survey and heathland fires incidence data sets ENRR624 2005/02/01
  Urban impacts on Dorset heaths: a review of authoritative planning and related decisions ENRR622 2005/01/01
  Validation Network Project Lowland heathland monitoring: covering dry and wet heaths ENRR669 2005/02/15
Visitor Access Patterns on the Thames Basin Heaths ENRR682 2005/01/03
  Visitor access patterns on the Dorset heathlands ENRR683 2006/01/02