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Soil, water and protecting these resources

Publications include the England Catchment Sensitive Farming Initiative, which helps farmers and land managers to reduce diffuse water pollution and protect water bodies. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
An Investigation into the Management of Catch Dykes in The Broads NECR238 2017/10/17
An assessment of the effects of the 2013-14 flooding on the wildlife and habitats of the Somerset Levels and Moors JP007 2014/10/28
An assessment of the fungal conservation value of Hardcastle Crags using NextGen DNA sequencing NECR258 2019/03/04
  Climatalogical Data for Agricultural Land Classification ALC010 1989/01/31
Farming for cleaner water and healthier soil NE230 2010/01/04
Farming in the uplands for cleaner water and healthier soil NE240 2010/05/13
  Information on Nature Based Solutions as Nutrient Mitigation NBS2024 2024/03/07
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services NECR100 2012/10/04
NECR539 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Agroforestry for Nutrient Mitigation NECR539 2024/03/07
NECR541 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Riparian Buffer Strips for Nutrient Mitigation NECR541 2024/03/07
NECR542 Information on How to Deliver and Assess River Channel Re-Naturalisation for Nutrient Mitigation NECR542 2024/03/07
NEER131 Testing FARMSCOPER and LESA-NP against lake sediment-inferred phosphorus budgets NEER131 2024/02/20
  Policy mechanisms for the control of diffuse agricultural pollution, with particular reference to grant aid ENRR455 2002/01/01
  Prioritising designated wildlife sites at risk from diffuse agricultural pollution ENRR551 2003/11/01
Remedial Works for the Catch Dykes at Decoy Carr, Acle NECR239 2017/10/17
Remedial Works for the Catch Dykes at Ebb and Flow Marshes NECR240 2017/10/17
The Soils for Project Project NERR073 2018/04/11
  The role of economic instruments in managing diffuse nutrient pollution A focus on phosphorus ENRR462 2002/04/01