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Agri-environment case studies: soil and water protection

Agri-environment case studies: soil and water protection. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  CCF Case Study: Grange Farm, Tichbourne, Hampshire. AE008 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Bossington Estate, Stockbridge, Hampshire AE024 2012/12/19
  CSF Case Study: Sparchford Farm Shropshire AE007 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Stall House Farm AE006 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Town End Farm, Troutbeck AE004 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Using Environmental Stewardship to meet drinking water quality standards AE031 2012/12/13
  CSF case study: West End Farm AE003 2012/12/21
  ES Case Study: Home Farm, Oxfordshire AE014 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Manor Farm, Northamptonshire AE025 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Tedney Farm AE082 2012/12/20
  FWAG Silver Lapwing Award finalist 2012 Case Study White House Farm AE086 2013/02/18