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Carbon management and climate change

Includes carbon management and renewable energy publications.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Arable reversion and climate change: Humberhead Peatlands case study TIN109 2012/04/04
Carbon Management by Land and Marine Managers NERR026 2008/11/27
Carbon storage by habitat: Review of the evidence of the impacts of management decisions and condition of carbon stores and sources NERR043 2012/05/29
Climate change farm resilience planning NECR120 2013/09/09
England's peatlands: carbon storage and greenhouse gases NE257 2010/03/17
Environmental impacts of land management NERR030 2009/09/22
Farming and climate change NE308 2011/03/24
Measuring the extent to which greenhouse gas emission savings achieved by Environmental Stewardship are displaced on-farm NECR121 2013/09/09
NECR489 The Impact of Conservation Grazing on GHG emissions NECR489 2024/02/19
NECR490 Agricultural Ponds Review TEP Report NECR490 2023/09/13
Planning for climate change adaptation: North Doddington Farm TIN108 2012/04/04
  Solar parks: maximising environmental benefits TIN101 2011/09/09