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Farmers and land managers

Publications and products for farmers and landowners.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
A survey of selected agri-environment grassland and heathland creation and restoration sites NECR107 2013/01/11
  Batting for Nature - A case study on growing willow trees CSF184 2022/10/25
  Benefits of slurry separators for dairy farms using green bedding CSF186 2021/09/30
  Benefits of slurry separators for dairy farms using sand bedding CSF187 2021/09/30
  CSF enables an award-winning New Markets project CSF180 2020/12/15
Catchment Sensitive Farming Phase 4 (April 2018 – March 2021) Delivery report CSF189 2022/02/15
Delivering the ecosystem approach on the ground – an evaluation of the upland ecosystem service pilots NERR046 2012/12/07
  Dorset pesticide amnesty helps protect water and nature CSF183 2021/07/05
Ecosystem services from Environmental Stewardship that benefit agricultural production NECR102 2012/08/16
  Facilitator Groups: Delivering environmental benefits at the landscape scale CSF181 2021/07/05
  Managing Ecosystem Services Evidence Review (Formerly Ecosystem Services Transfer Toolkit NECR159) JP033 2020/08/26
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services NECR100 2012/10/04
NECR490 Agricultural Ponds Review TEP Report NECR490 2023/09/13
NECR538 Evidence Base Development for Nature-Based Nutrient Mitigation Solutions – Literature Review NECR538 2024/03/07
  Natural England's approach to permitting the release of non-native game birds on Protected Sites NEA002 2022/02/22
  Reducing ammonia and other pollutants at Hallsenna and Black Beck, Cumbria CSF188 2021/11/24
  The Tees Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Steering Group CSF190 2022/03/23
  Using data modelling to identify sustainable catchment solutions CSF185 2021/09/30
  Working with the Planning System: Benefits for Dairy Farmers CSF182 2021/01/27