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Marine Conservation Zones

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Broad scale biological mapping of Lundy MNR with reference to reefs ENRR231 1996/10/01
Marine ecosystem services NECR088 2012/02/08
NECR526 Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ 2022 Imagery Analysis NECR526 2024/03/06
PISCO-The Science of Marine Reserves PISCO 2011/01/01
Palinurus elephas (spiny lobster/crawfish/crayfish) in the South-West NECR297 2020/06/11
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part III, Summary of knowledge, recommended monitoring strategies and outstanding research requirements ENRR543 2004/01/01
Seagrass (Zostera marina) monitoring and condition assessment in Whitsand and Looe Bay Marine Conservation Zone 2015 and 2017 RP2938 2020/09/02
Summary of Natural England’s confirmed advice provided to Defra on Marine Conservation Zones to be considered for designation in 2019 JP028 2019/05/31
Torbay MCZ Seagrass Baseline Monitoring: 2019 NECR293 2020/06/11