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Access and access assessments

Records for this category

Title Code Published
An estimate of the value and cost effectiveness of the expanded Walking the Way to Health Initiative scheme 2009 TIN055 2009/07/10
Coastal Access - Natural England’s Approved Scheme, 2013 NE446 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Natural England’s Approved Scheme NE269 2010/01/01
Coastal Access Scheme - Report of Natural England’s first statutory review - Completed March 2013 NE454 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Scheme: Consultation Summary Report NE268 2010/01/01
Coastal Access: Weymouth Bay - Natural England’s Draft Proposals: Overview NE289 2010/10/15
Edenbrook Country Park: A case study in collaborative working 2013/08/27
England Leisure Visits: report of the 2005 survey NE13 2005/01/01
Index to Coastal Access - Natural England's Approved Scheme 2013 NE468 2013/07/22
JP050 Creating More Accessible Green & Blue Spaces: Understanding the experiences of people with visual impairments that visit green and blue spaces JP050 2023/10/23
Kaleidoscope: Improving support for black, Asian and ethnic communities to access services from the natural environment and heritage sectors NECR127 2013/09/05
  Local Access Forum Annual Reports LAF003 2012/06/29
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment 2009-12: Datasets and guidance on use for UPPER TIER LOCAL AUTHORITIES DATA002 2012/09/14
NEER026 Density and displacement of users of urban greenspaces and routes NEER026 2024/03/11
NEER027 Provision and management of greenspaces NEER027 2024/03/11
Paths for Communities newsletters P4C 2014/07/01
RP04518 Edition 1 Compilation and Review of Evidence Leading to SANG and SAMM Provision RP04518 2024/03/11
Scientific research into the effects of access on nature conservation: Part 1: access on foot NECR012 2009/11/03
What motivates people to participate in organised walking activity? NERR028 2009/12/04