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Local authorities and planners

Authorities and statutory bodies.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
Coastal Change Management Areas Opportunities for sustainable solutions in areas subject to coastal change NECR275 2019/01/17
Defining Favourable Conservation Status in England EIN062 2023/08/14
  Development control, local authorities and protected species surveys ENRR479 2003/07/01
European Protected Species and the Planning Process NE292 2010/01/01
Investigating effects of shipping on common scoter and red-throated diver distributions in Liverpool Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) NECR425 2022/10/11
JP050 Creating More Accessible Green & Blue Spaces: Understanding the experiences of people with visual impairments that visit green and blue spaces JP050 2023/10/23
Literature review and analysis of the effectiveness of mitigation measures to address environmental impacts of linear transport infrastructure on protected species and habitats NECR132 2013/11/12
London’s Natural Signatures 2011/01/31
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
Natural Capital Atlases: Mapping Indicators for County and City Regions NECR318 2020/07/03
Natural England Discretionary Advice Service: Advice for Developers NE377 2013/07/04
  Natural England Water Quality and Nutrient Neutrality Advice (16 March 2022) NE785 2022/12/07
Nutrient Neutrality Principles TIN186 2023/07/28
Nutrient Neutrality and Mitigation: A summary guide and frequently asked questions NE776 2022/06/23
State of the natural environment in Yorkshire and the Humber NE138 2009/01/01
  Strategic Solutions: Nutrient Neutrality 2022/08/02