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Environmental management, restoration and creation

Technical Information Notes on habitat management, restoration and creation.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Bracken management and control TIN048 2008/10/16
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
Farming for farm wildlife NE231 2010/01/04
Farming in the uplands for wildlife NE239 2010/05/13
Grazing your landscape NE55 2008/01/01
Guidelines for monitoring peatland restoration TIN097 2011/09/02
  How to grow nectar flower mixtures TIN094 2011/05/06
Illustrated guide to lowland chalk and limestone grassland TIN082 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to managing farmland for lapwings TIN090 2011/05/06
Illustrated guide to managing historic environment features TIN086 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to managing lowland wet grassland for snipe TIN089 2011/05/06
Illustrated guide to managing neutral pasture for wildlife TIN088 2011/05/06
Illustrated guide to ponds and scrapes TIN079 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to purple moorgrass and rush pasture TIN084 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to trees, woodlands and scrub TIN078 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to upland limestone grassland TIN083 2010/11/12
Illustrated guide to water courses beside grassland TIN081 2010/11/12
Including landscape in road design, construction and mitigation CA217 2006/03/01
  Lowland Grassland Management Handbook (Second edition) GRASSLAND 2007/04/23
  Seed sources for grassland restoration and re-creation in Environmental stewardship TIN038 2008/03/06
Soil sampling for habitat recreation and restoration TIN035 2008/02/21
Soil texture TIN037 2008/02/21
  Support for decision-making in conservation ENRR493 2003/03/01
  The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual NE121 2008/09/29
The historic environment and woodland management TIN001 2009/03/11
The nature of food: why good food doesn't have to cost the Earth NE200 2009/01/01
Traditional orchards: a summary TIN012 2010/10/19
Traditional orchards: orchards and wildlife TIN020 2010/10/19