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Lakes, ponds and ditches

Publications about lakes, ponds, ditches and scrapes Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A narrative for conserving freshwater and wetland habitats in England NERR064 2016/03/18
A restoration management plan for Hatchet Pond in the New Forest NECR328 2020/06/15
  A survey of ditch flora in the North Kent Marshes SSSI ENRR167 1995/10/02
An outline lake management plan for Hatchet Pond, New Forest SSSI NECR319 2020/06/15
Analysis and Reporting of Lowland Freshwater Ditches Validation Network Monitoring Data NECR005 2009/04/21
Border Mires 3 - Habitat mapping IPENS072 2017/02/14
Border mires 2 - mapping active ditches IPENS070 2017/02/14
Conservation of lakes in England IN89 2006/10/24
Design of a vegetation monitoring scheme for the Border Mires IPENS060 2015/09/04
Designing a methodology for surveying fish populations in freshwater lakes NECR230 2017/03/23
Developing a coherent framework for assessing priority freshwater habitats in England JP016 2018/04/11
  Ditch monitoring at Walland Marsh SSSI ENRR132 1994/10/03
Illustrated guide to ponds and scrapes TIN079 2010/11/12
Lake restoration theme plan IPENSTP021 2015/05/20
NECR490 Agricultural Ponds Review TEP Report NECR490 2023/09/13
  PondNet: developing a national pond surveillance network 2012/03/30
Priority lake habitat in England – mapping and targeting measures JP008 2014/11/11
Proposed total phosphorus targets for Lake Natura 2000 Protected Area Special Areas of Conservation for the updated river basin management plan consultation 2014/10/01
  River and lake habitat information and maps (priority habitats and restoration opportunities) 2015/11/25
  The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual NE121 2008/09/29
  The Effectiveness of Ditch Management for Wildlife in the Broads and Somerset Levels & Moors ESAs 2002/04/01
  The distribution and abundance of ponds in Suffolk ENRR333 1999/11/12
The relationship between Site Improvement Plans for Natura 2000 sites and River Basin Management Plans SIPINFO1 2014/10/06