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Floodplains and large-scale wetlands

Publications about floodplains and large-scale wetland habitats Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A narrative for conserving freshwater and wetland habitats in England NERR064 2016/03/18
  An investigation into water bodies of the Norfolk hinterland of the Wash ENRR437 2001/10/01
  Freshwater wetlands in England: a natural areas approach ENRR204 1996/12/12
Linking river and floodplain management STREAM04 2010/01/01
Method for prioritising fisheries in floodplain restoration STREAM05 2007/10/01
  Modelling the effect of land use change in the upper Severn catchment on flood levels downstream ENRR471 2002/11/01
NECR542 Information on How to Deliver and Assess River Channel Re-Naturalisation for Nutrient Mitigation NECR542 2024/03/07
  Sustainable flood defence: The case for washlands ENRR406 2001/02/01