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Catchment Sensitive Farming

Catchment Sensitive Farming is a joint project between Natural England, the Environment Agency & Defra, which aims to reduce diffuse water pollution from agriculture. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Batting for Nature - A case study on growing willow trees CSF184 2022/10/25
  Benefits of slurry separators for dairy farms using green bedding CSF186 2021/09/30
  Benefits of slurry separators for dairy farms using sand bedding CSF187 2021/09/30
  CSF Anglian River Basin District Strategy CSF002 2012/06/01
CSF Capital Grant Scheme Farmer Handbook CSF3 2013/01/29
  CSF Humber River Basin District Strategy CSF003 2012/06/01
  CSF North West River Basin District Strategy (including Solway Firth) CSF004 2016/11/07
  CSF Northumbria River Basin District Strategy CSF005 2012/06/01
  CSF Severn River Basin District Strategy CSF006 2014/07/22
  CSF South East River Basin District Strategy CSF007 2012/06/01
  CSF South West River Basin District Strategy CSF008 2012/06/01
Catchment Sensitive Farming Phase 1 & 2 Evaluation JP005 2011/06/01
Catchment Sensitive Farming Phase 4 (April 2018 – March 2021) Delivery report CSF189 2022/02/15
Farming for cleaner water and healthier soil NE230 2010/01/04
Farming in the uplands for cleaner water and healthier soil NE240 2010/05/13
  Geomorphological appraisal of the River Wensum Special Area of Conservation ENRR685 2006/09/08
  Reducing ammonia and other pollutants at Hallsenna and Black Beck, Cumbria CSF188 2021/11/24
  The Tees Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) Steering Group CSF190 2022/03/23
  The role of economic instruments in managing diffuse nutrient pollution A focus on phosphorus ENRR462 2002/04/01
  Using data modelling to identify sustainable catchment solutions CSF185 2021/09/30