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Green infrastructure

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A framework for the future: green networks with multiple uses in and around towns and cities ENRR256 1997/11/01
  Accessible Natural Green Space Standards in Towns and Cities: A Review and Toolkit for their Implementation ENRR526 2003/01/01
  Accessible natural greenspace in towns and cities: a review of appropriate size and distance criteria ENRR153 1996/11/01
  Analysis of accessible natural green space provision 2010/06/30
Bankside Open Spaces Trust - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Turning small green spaces into productive community hubs NE396 2013/06/19
Beam Parklands - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Using flood management as a catalyst to create an attractive, biodiverse community asset that reconnects people and nature NE444 2013/06/20
Blyth Estuary Green Travel Project - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first Active Travel Town NE443 2013/06/20
Green Infrastructure Strategies: an introduction for local authorities and their partners NE139 2008/01/01
Green Infrastructure and the Urban Fringe: learning lessons from the Countryside In and Around Towns programme NE33 2007/01/01
Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment NECR126 2013/09/27
Green space access, green space use, physical activity and overweight NECR067 2011/04/04
Greening for Growth in Victoria - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating a vibrant and climate-resilient business area in the heart of London NE395 2013/06/19
Hadleigh Farm and Country Park;Green Infrastructure Case Study NE387 2013/03/06
Housing Growth and Green Infrastructure NE31 2008/11/01
Lorton Valley Nature Park; Green Infrastructure Case Study NE388 2013/03/06
Mayesbrook Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first climate change park in east London NE394 2013/06/19
Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment - review NERR033 2012/03/01
Natural England North East Pilot Project - Green Infrastructure and Priority Habitat Creation Opportunities - Update July 2014 2014/07/17
Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Guidance NE176 2009/01/01
  Nature for people: the importance of green spaces to East Midlands communities ENRR567 2004/01/01
Portland Quarries Nature Park; Green Infrastructure Case Study NE386 2013/03/05
Promoting Green Space in Stoke-on-Trent (ProGreSS) NECR076 2011/09/16
Tees Heritage Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Reconnecting communities with their heritage and each other NE392 2013/06/20
Walking for Health: ‘inactive’ walkers – barriers to participation, and activity substitution NECR068 2011/05/03
Wynyard Woodland Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Managing future development by investing in green infrastructure NE393 2013/06/19