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The Review of Upland Evidence

Reports that form part of the Review of Upland Evidence and have been prepared using an approved methodology.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A desk review of the ecology of heather beetle NEER008 2015/06/04
Desk review of burning and other management options for the control for heather beetle NEER009 2015/06/04
Natural England Evidence Reviews: guidance on the development process and methods NEER001 2013/05/30
Natural England review of Upland Evidence: Assurance Group report NEER007 2013/05/30
Restoration of degraded blanket bog NEER003 2013/05/30
The effects of managed burning on upland peatland biodiversity, carbon and water NEER004 2013/05/30
The historic peat record: Implications for the restoration of blanket bog NEER011 2016/03/18
The impact of moorland grazing and stocking rates NEER006 2013/05/30
The impacts of tracks on the integrity and hydrological function of blanket peat NEER002 2013/05/30
Upland Hay Meadows: What management regimes maintain the diversity of meadow flora and populations of breeding birds? NEER005 2013/05/30