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Reviews of evidence

Publications that review exising evidence including Natural England's Evidence Reviews and other literature reviews. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
An assessment of evidence supporting a programme of wetland restoration projects in the New Forest Site of Special Scientific Interest: Assurance Report NERR067 2016/11/08
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for White-clawed crayfish RP2933 2020/04/14
Greening Dementia - a literature review of the benefits and barriers facing individuals living with dementia in accessing the natural environment and local greenspace NECR137 2013/11/21
Is ‘minimising the footprint’ an effective intervention to maximise the recovery of intertidal sediments from disturbance? Phase 1: Literature review NECR110 2013/03/01
Literature review and analysis of the effectiveness of mitigation measures to address environmental impacts of linear transport infrastructure on protected species and habitats NECR132 2013/11/12
Measuring Pro-environmental Behaviour and its Determinants: A quick scoping review of existing closed answer measures and design considerations to inform survey design NECR507 2023/10/25
NECR495 Edition 1 Review of Peak District Wildfire Risk Assessment 2022 NECR495 2024/02/14
Natural England Evidence Reviews: guidance on the development process and methods NEER001 2013/05/30
Recent losses of permanent grassland – an assessment of the evidence NERR060 2014/12/18
Review of literature: how transport’s soft estate has enhanced green infrastructure, ecosystem services, and transport resilience in the EU NECR169 2014/12/15
Review of the evidence for organic pollution thresholds to protect rivers with special designations for wildlife NECR023 2009/10/29