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Habitat Action Plans

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A biotope sensitivity database to underpin delivery of the Habitats Directive and Biodiversity Action Plan in the seas around England and Scotland ENRR499 2002/04/01
  A method for identifying prime biodiversity areas in a Natural Area in West Sussex ENRR180 1996/10/01
  Audit of the Towns, Cities and Development Workstream of the England Biodiversity Strategy ENRR652 2005/07/27
  Biodiversity: linking the Habitat Action Plan for wood pasture and parkland with the requirements of priority and other species ENRR432 2001/10/01
  Community strategies and the integration of biodiversity - an assessment of progress in England, February 2005 ENRR644 2005/06/03
  Developing guidelines for identifying Biodiversity Action Plan habitats in quarries: a feasibility study ENRR504 2003/07/01
  Habitat restoration monitoring handbook ENRR378 2000/01/03
  Knepp Castle Estate baseline ecological survey ENRR693 2006/08/31
  Linking Geology and Biodiversity ENRR562 2004/10/16
  Lowland grassland: a strategic review and action plan ENRR163 1996/04/29
Nature Networks - a summary for practitioners NERR082 2020/03/06
Nature Networks Evidence Handbook NERR081 2020/03/06
  Review of the coverage of urban habitats and species within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR651 2005/08/05
  Review of the value of published lowland heathland re-creation plans in progressing the BAP objectives ENRR409 2001/05/30
  Targeting areas for the restoration and re-creation of coastal and floodplain grazing marsh ENRR332 1999/03/01
  The National Biodiversity Network Southwest Pilot Project ENRR617 2005/05/23
  The potential contribution of the mineral extraction industries to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR279 1998/09/28
Traditional Orchard Project in England: The creation of an inventory to support the UK Habitat Action Plan NECR077 2011/05/05
  Wood pasture and Parkland Habitat Action Plan: Third advisory group annual meeting – 31 October 2002 ENRR539 2003/01/01
  Wood pasture and parkland habitat action plan: progress report 2000. ENRR396 2000/09/01
  Wood-pasture and Parkland habitat action plan: Progress report 2003 ENRR582 2004/01/01
  Wood-pasture and parkland habitat action plan: Progress report 2001 ENRR459 2001/01/01
  ‘Opportunity maps’ for landscape-scale conservation of biodiversity: A good practice study ENRR641 2005/11/09