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Other grassland reports

Other reports related to grassland and grassland research. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A review of the ecology, hydrology and nutrient dynamics of floodplain meadows in England ENRR446 2002/01/01
  A review of the use of organic manures on lowland grassland pastures in the UK ENRR368 2000/09/01
Avon Valley Grazing Project NECR078 2011/08/04
  Grassland habitat translocation: The case of Brocks Farm, Devon ENRR304 1999/02/01
  Review of the diet and micro-habitat values for wildlife and the agronomic potential of selected grassland plant species ENRR697 2006/09/19
  The agricultural productivity of lowland semi-natural grassland: a review ENRR233 1997/06/02
  The effects of horse and cattle grazing on English species-rich grasslands ENRR210 1997/04/16
  The effects of horse grazing on species-rich grasslands ENRR164 1996/04/29
  The long-term effects of cutting on the yield, floristic composition and soil nutrient status of chalk grassland ENRR071 1993/01/04