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Grassland habitat translocation: The case of Brocks Farm, Devon (ENRR304)

This report provides details of a case jxlvolving a developer’s proposal to translocate a grassland SSSI at Brocks Farm, near Newton Abbot, Devon. The case was considered at a Public Local Inquiry, held in 1997. At the Inquiry, English Nature argued successfully that habitat translocation should not be viewed as a substitute for the SSSI in situ.
EN’s opposition to grassland translocation at the Inquiry was underphned by an analysis of the long-term monitoring data from a previous (1 988) grassland translocation at Brocks Farm, together with experience gained from other habitat translocations elsewhere and from a review of the literature.
The report presents details of EN’s case, including proofs of evidence and main annexes. It also gives extracts from the Inspector’s report and Secretary of State’s decision letter, with a Gomrnentary outlining their significance in relation to EN’s position on habitat translocation, strategic minerals planning and sustainable development issues.

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ENRR304 part 1, PDF, 2.9 MB 2011/10/10
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