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Coastal land use and flood defence

Publications about coastal land use and flood defence. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Coastal Defence Issues and Lessons from the Sleswig-Holstein Coast of Northern Germany ENRR115 1994/04/01
  Designing coastlines fit for the future ENRR702 2006/01/01
  England’s Ecosystem Services, A preliminary assessment of three habitat types: broad-leaved woodland, the inter-tidal zone and fresh-water wetlands ENRR701 2006/09/19
  Flood defence standards for designated sites ENRR629 2006/01/01
Healthy Estuaries 2020: Towards Addressing Coastal Squeeze in Estuaries IPENS002 2016/04/05
  Historical study of sites of natural sea wall failures in Essex ENRR015 1992/02/03
  Integrated washland management for flood defence and biodiversity ENRR598 2005/01/01
NECR520 Art in Support of Changing Coastal Environment NECR520 2023/12/19
Non-breeding season populations of seabirds in UK waters: Population sizes for Biologically Defined Minimum Population Scales (BDMPS) NECR164 2015/01/22
  North Norfolk Coast/Coast Habitat Management Plan 2003 G5472 2003/01/31
  Northey Island Managed Retreat report 5, Results to Feb 1995 ENRR157 1995/03/01
  Northey Island managed retreat. Report 4. Overview to February 1994 ENRR103 1994/03/01
  Northey Island set-back scheme. Report 2: Aug 1991-Jan 1992 ENRR006 1992/02/03
  Northey Island set-back scheme. Report 3 May 1993 ENRR061 1993/05/03
  Northey Island. Managed retreat scheme. Results of botanical monitoring 1991- 1994 ENRR128 1994/10/03
  Northey island Managed Retreat. Report 6. Results to Feb 96 ENRR185 1996/10/01
Offshore wind farms and birds: incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models: a test of Masden (2015) NECR237 2017/09/28
  Porthleven cliffs coastal protection scheme ENRR029 1992/02/03
Potential landscape/seascape and visual impacts of a Severn Barrage 2007/03/01
Review and evaluation of heritage coasts in England 2006/04/01
  Review of how the Land Use Planning System could Influence the Development of a Marine Spatial Planning System for England ENRR566 2003/01/01
  Suffolk Coast and Estuaries: Coastal Habitat Management Plan 2002 2002/10/31