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Publications about the coast, coastal access, coastal habitats and flood defence. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
Coastal Change Management Areas Opportunities for sustainable solutions in areas subject to coastal change NECR275 2019/01/17
Coastal access: An audit of coastal paths in England 2008-09 2017/10/17
Coastal catch-up how a soft rock cliff evolves when coastal defences fail NECR256 2018/10/04
JP054 Marine Restoration Potential MaRePo JP054 2023/09/12
NECR477 Audit review and prioritisation for marine invasive non-native species biosecurity planning in England NECR477 2023/08/24
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
NECR494 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Vascular Plant and Charophyte Survey 2022 NECR494 2023/10/23
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
NECR520 Art in Support of Changing Coastal Environment NECR520 2023/12/19
NECR521 Edition 1 Genetic analysis of Zostera sp. samples from the East of England. A regional case-study of the genetic diversity of Zostera sp. across the UK NECR521 2024/04/04
NECR522 An assessment of dwarf eelgrass (Zostera noltii) water quality nutrients NECR522 2024/01/23
NECR524 Taxonomic composition and recording of priority habitat maerl using citizen science data NECR524 2024/01/19
Westward Ho!: Geomorphological Specialist Assessment NECR317 2020/07/08