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Problem plants

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Bracken SIN011 2008/10/16
Bracken management and control TIN048 2008/10/16
Bracken management: ecological, archaeological and landscape issues and priorities TIN047 2008/10/16
  Control of Rhododendron ponticum on Lundy in relation to the conservation of the endemic plant Lundy cabbage, Coincya wrightii ENRR263 1998/02/13
Horizon-scanning for invasive non-native plants in Great Britain NECR053 2011/01/28
Managing Molinia? Proceedings of a 3 day conference September 2015 JP017 2016/09/27
  Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management ENRR527 2004/07/27
  The potential for spread of alien species in England following climatic change ENRR090 1994/10/03