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Scheme monitoring

Monitoring schemes, including Environmental Stewardship Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Agri-Environment Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Annual Report 2016/17 NERR074 2018/05/09
Agri-Environment Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Annual Report 2017/18 - A summary of findings from recently published projects NERR079 2019/08/01
Assessing the importance of spatial location of agri environment options within the landscape to butterflies NECR157 2014/09/29
Assessment of the effect of Environmental Stewardship on improving the ecological status of grassland, moorland and heath NECR156 2014/09/29
Assessment of the effects of Environmental Stewardship on landscape character NECR158 2014/09/29
Attitudes to Uplands Entry Level Stewardship NECR091 2012/02/22
  BD1451: Diversification of grassland through the manipulation of plant-soil interactions and the identification of indicators of restorability RP00194 2016/01/14
  BD1459: Techniques to enhance the establishment and persistence of poor-performing species in grassland restoration RP00199 2016/01/14
  BD1460: Sustainable management systems for unimproved neutral grassland RP00200 2016/01/14
  BD5001: Characterisation of soil structural degradation under grassland and development of measures to ameliorate its impact on biodiversity and other soil functions RP00359 2016/01/14
  BD5101: Improving effectiveness of grassland restoration and creation options: development of a methodology for setting indicators of success and assessing progress RP00421 2016/01/14
  BD5103: Restoration of Purple Moor Grass and rush pasture and associated fen habitats RP00636 2016/01/14
  BD5207: Extensive cattle grazing: what is the best approach to improve species-poor pastures for birds and invertebrates? (Phase 2) RP00196 2016/01/14
  BD5211: Lapwings on agri-environment scheme fallow plots: research to improve lapwing breeding success RP00920 2016/01/14
Evaluation of Management Plan Options in Environmental Stewardship NECR007 2009/05/15
Higher Level Stewardship permissive access evaluation NECR113 2013/06/11
Integrated Site Assessments 2013/14: A report on Natural England’s assessments of Sites of Special Scientific Interest and Higher Level Stewardship agreement NERR061 2015/10/09
  LM0105: Scoping the strengths and weaknesses of different auction and PES mechanisms for the next round of agr-environment schemes RP02992 2016/01/14
  LM0301: Reducing the impacts of predation on breeding waders using landscape-scale habitat management RP02991 2016/01/14
  LM0422: Measuring the impact of Environmental Stewardship on Upland Birds using the upland breeding bird survey RP00919 2016/01/14
  LM0425: Assessing the Effect of Policy Interventions on Agricultural Landscapes RP00631 2016/01/14
  LM0432: Assessing the role of advice and support in the establishment of Higher Level Stewardship agreements RP01570 2016/01/14
  LM0433: Assessing the impact of continued advice and support on the environmental outcomes of HLS agreements once they have been established RP01571 2016/01/14
  LM0435: Evaluating the effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship for the conservation of historic buildings RP01549 2016/01/14
  LM0436: Responses of farmland birds to eight years of Environmental Stewardship RP01637 2016/01/14
  LM0444: Project to survey and assess Soil pH and nutrient status on sites of high botanical value (additional sites) RP02235 2017/10/12
  LM0447: Monitoring the establishment of legume and herb rich grassland swards in Environmental Stewardship RP02244 2016/01/14
  LM0450: Evaluating the relative importance of site and landscape characteristics and the effectiveness of restoring species-rich grassland through agri-environment schemes by sampling invertebrate communities RP01878 2016/01/14
Long term effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship in conserving upland hay meadows in the Pennine Dales NECR138 2014/06/03
  MA01031: Quantifying the impacts of Entry Level Stewardship on biodiversity at farm scale (Hillesden Experiment) RP00026 2016/01/14
Monitoring and Evaluation of Nature Improvement Areas WC1061 2014/04/01
  Monitoring and evaluation of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme 1998 1999/07/01
Monitoring methods for assessing inshore fish communities NECR269 2020/02/10
Monitoring the Impacts of Entry Level Stewardship NECR133 2013/12/13
Monitoring the outcomes of Higher Level Stewardship: Results of a 3-year agreement monitoring programme NECR114 2013/08/12
  Moorland Habitat Monitoring: A Resurvey of Selected Moorland Agri-environment Agreement Sites 2014 RP01639 2016/01/14
  Nature Improvements Areas (NIAs) Best Practice Network events NIA001 2013/10/21