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Publications reporting on monitoring and the integrated monitoring programme Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  2014 Fen Surveys of the North York Moors Fen Bog, Jugger Howe, Sand Dale, Troutsdale and Rosekirkdale RP2921 2018/10/18
A categorisation system for maerl bed habitats in England NERR123 2023/10/18
A proposal for terrestrial environmental monitoring of Plant Protection Products (PPP) NECR377 2023/06/14
Densities of qualifying species within Liverpool Bay Bae Lerpwl SPA: 2015 to 2020 NECR440 2023/06/14
Edition 1 DNA metabarcoding of faecal samples for assessment of invertebrate communities in pasture land NECR452 2024/03/19
Environmental Monitoring in Natural England 2012 NE408 2013/04/04
GCN sample analysis via single species assay and metabarcoding NECR534 2024/04/05
Isles of Scilly Complex SAC Seagrass Survey 2016 TP6342 2020/04/29
  Isles of Scilly eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme: 2017 Annual Survey RP2939 2020/08/17
  Isles of Scilly eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme: 2018 Annual Survey RP2940 2020/08/17
Monitoring methods for assessing inshore fish communities NECR269 2020/02/10
NECR469 Tilbury Fort Marshes Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR469 2023/08/02
NECR480 Development of dynamic biodiversity indicators of success for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) NECR480 2023/08/01
NECR485 Edition 1 Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI NECR485 2023/08/31
  Natural England Monitoring Strategy 2019 RP2924 2019/10/11
  Nature for Climate Peatland Grant Scheme Process Evaluation NECR546 2024/05/09
Regional monitoring plan for inshore fish communities in the Southwest of England NECR271 2020/02/10
TIN214 Monitoring in Natural England 2023-2026 TIN214 2023/08/01
TIN215 Producing Favourable Conservation Status Strategies Natural England’s guidance TIN215 2023/10/11
TIN216 Edition 1 Environment Act Interim Target for protected sites TIN216 2024/02/01
The state of the UK’s long-term experiments NECR203 2015/12/14
Viability of fish monitoring techniques in inshore areas of the Southwest of England NECR270 2020/02/10
eDNA detection of alpine newts (Ichthyosaura alpestris): Assay design and preliminary testing NECR535 2024/04/05