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Marine Monitoring Evidence Projects

Projects related to monitoring Marine Protected Areas Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A habitat survey for spawning ground and nursery areas for Annex II fish species within the Severn Estuary river catchment 2015 RP02496 2016/07/26
  Condition Monitoring of the Intertidal Mudflats and Sandflats Feature of the Fal & Helford SAC RP00609 2015/12/17
  Condition assessment of the Lyme Bay - Annex I reef habitats in the Lyme Bay and Torbay cSAC RP01605 2016/05/10
  Cumbria Coast Marine Conservation Zone Littoral Rock Baseline Survey 2015 RP02862 2017/11/06
  Dee Estuary SAC Condition Assessment Surveys 2015 RP02729 2017/06/19
  Distribution & ecology of wintering grebes and divers in the Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA 2014 RP01616 2017/04/20
Dover to Deal Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Characterisation Report 2016 NECR463 2022/12/14
  Fal & Helford Subtidal sandbanks extent Seagrass/Diving 2015 RP02458 2016/07/29
  Fal and Helford SAC GIS Habitats Mapping Project 2013 RP02887 2015/12/17
  Fylde MCZ Baseline Survey 2015 RP04112 2017/03/08
  Intertidal sediment surveys of Langstone Harbour SSSI, Ryde Sounds and Wootton Creek SSSI and Newton Harbour SSSI 2015 RP02533 2016/07/29
Isles of Scilly Complex SAC Seagrass Survey 2016 TP6342 2020/04/29
  Isles of Scilly Eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme Annual Survey 2016 RP02939 2017/06/19
Isles of Scilly eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme 2019 RP2941 2020/10/07
  Isles of Scilly eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme: 2015 Annual survey RP02465 2016/07/29
LIFE Recreation - ReMEDIES River Medina and Osborne Bay, Isle of Wight Subtidal Seagrass Surveys 2020 NECR372 2021/06/29
  Lower Fal and Helford Intertidal SSSI Baseline Survey 2012 RP02918 2015/12/17
  Lundy SAC: Subtidal Reef Condition Assessment and No Take Zone Benthic Monitoring Survey 2014/15 RP02178 2016/08/31
  Lyme Bay & Torbay cSAC biogenic reef drop-down video survey RP01489 2016/05/10
  Lyme Bay & Torbay cSAC: sea cave survey 2011-12 RP00842 2016/05/10
  Lyme Bay and Torbay cSAC Acoustic Interpretation Study RP01490 2016/05/10
  Lyme Bay and Torbay cSAC, Torbay Seagrass Bed Monitoring Surveys 2008, DDV RP02989 2016/05/10
  Lynher Estuary SSSI Littoral Biotope Survey RP01054 2015/12/17
  Mapping Annex I reef habitat present in specific areas within the Lyme Bay and Torbay cSAC RP02988 2016/05/10
  Monitoring of Fal and Helford SAC 2011 RP01134 2016/07/29
  Monitoring of Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC subtidal boulder and cobbles 2011 RP02885 2015/12/17
  Monitoring of allis shad and smelt in Tamar estuaries 2015 RP02463 2017/09/11
  Morphological characterisation of the Severn Estuary and Solway Firth 2015 RP02205 2016/07/26
  Plymouth MPAs migratory fish survey part 1 2015 RP02269 2016/07/29
  Plymouth Sound & Estuaries Complex: condition assessment of seagrass bed communities 2012 (MFP027) RP00839 2015/12/17
  Plymouth Sound & Estuaries SAC: diving condition assessment of kelp forest communities 2012 (MFP026) RP00838 2015/12/17
  Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC/SSSI: 2013 saltmarsh condition assessment survey RP01513 2016/12/08
  Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC: Allis Shad genetic analysis RP02304 2016/07/29
  Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC: Subtidal Mixed Cobble and Gravel Subfeature and Subtidal Rocky Reefs Subfeature condition assessment RP01472 2015/12/17
  Plymouth Zostera Marina Sublittoral Monitoring Studies 2009 RP01044 2016/07/29
Seagrass condition monitoring in Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC 2018 NECR294 2020/06/11
  Severn Estuary SAC and SPA: Intertidal mudflats and sandflats condition assessment 2012 RP00844 2016/07/26
  Shell Flat and Lune Deep Sensitive Special Area of Conservation & Fylde Marine Conservation Zone Interpretation and Mapping 2015 RP02196 2017/03/08
  Shell Flat and Lune Deep Site of Community Importance (SCI) drop-down video survey 2015 RP02732 2016/07/29
  Solent Maritime SAC Subtidal habitat mapping report 2015 RP02543 2016/08/31
  South Wight Maritime SAC reef feature attribute survey 2015 RP02742 2016/07/29
  Spawning success and population structure of Shad (Alosa spp) in the River Teme 2015, with supplementary notes on Sea Lamprey spawning RP02200 2016/07/26
Surveys of Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) Winter 2020/21 NERR111 2022/10/04
  Tamar Tavy & St Johns Lake SSSI Intertidal Biotope Survey 2010 RP01053 2015/12/17
Temporal and spatial analysis of Marinelife and Orca white-beaked dolphin data from Northumberland and adjacent sea areas NECR289 2020/04/27
  Verification survey of intertidal rocky shore features in the Allonby Bay recommended MCZ 2013 RP01603 2016/09/05