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Evidence projects


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  2014 Fen Surveys of the North York Moors Fen Bog, Jugger Howe, Sand Dale, Troutsdale and Rosekirkdale RP2921 2018/10/18
  Alkaline Fen & Transition Mire Survey of North York Moors National Park & Bishop Monkton Ings RP2922 2018/10/18
  Assessing behaviour of Lesser Black-backed Gulls from the Ribble and Alt Estuaries SPA using GPS tracking devices RP02972 2018/02/13
  Blanket Bog Restoration Strategy Project RP02998 2015/06/30
  Brownsea Island Lagoon Condition Assessment – Interpretative Survey Report 2015 RP02554 2018/07/23
  Conservation status of bryophytes in the Wye Valley 2016 RP04126 2017/04/04
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo RP2952 2021/06/09
Digital video aerial surveys of marine birds and mammals at Solway Firth Special Protection Area (SPA): February 2021 NECR439 2022/09/06
  Falmouth Bay to St. Austell Bay pSPA Bird Bycatch Monitoring Report 2013-2016 RP04137 2017/07/25
  Identification Of Wintering Waterfowl High Tide Roosts On The Severn Estuary Sssi/Spa Phase 4 (Gloucestershire, With Part Of South Gloucestershire) RP02966 2018/03/28
Isles of Scilly Complex SAC Seagrass Survey 2016 TP6342 2020/04/29
  Mapping Natural Capital RP02404 2016/03/31
  Monitoring of allis shad and smelt in Tamar estuaries 2015 RP02463 2017/09/11
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
  Natural England Monitoring Strategy 2019 RP2924 2019/10/11
  Natural England's Long Term Monitoring Network RP00316 2017/08/23
  North Thames Estuary & Marshes 2022/10/12
  Poole Harbour SPA Seagrass Assessment 2015 RP02919 2018/07/23
  Salisbury Plain SSSI Integrated Site Assessment 2014-15 RP02386 2017/06/23
  Salisbury Plain SSSI: Duke of Burgundy Survey 2015 RP02329 2017/06/23
  Salisbury Plain Site of Special Scientific Interest Bryophyte Site Dossier For Natural England 2014-15 RP02383 2017/06/23
  Salisbury Plain: Common standards monitoring rare vascular plant survey 2008 RP04136 2017/06/23
  Salisbury Plain: Tor-grass mapping feasibility study 2015 RP02081 2017/06/23
  Skerries Bank and Surrounds MCZ Biotope Report RP02936 2017/12/13
  St Austell Bay Maerl Survey Acoustic and Video Analysis 2014 RP00981 2017/07/26
  The People and Nature Survey for England - Child Questionnaire PANS002 2020/10/05