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Species Action Plans

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Apium repens creeping marshwort Species Recovery Programme 1995-2005 ENRR706 2006/11/01
  Audit of the Towns, Cities and Development Workstream of the England Biodiversity Strategy ENRR652 2005/07/27
  BAP fungi handbook ENRR600 2005/05/17
  Community strategies and the integration of biodiversity - an assessment of progress in England, February 2005 ENRR644 2005/06/03
  Conservation status of the adder in Greater London ENRR666 2006/02/10
  Creolophus (= Hericium) cirrhatus, Hericium erinaceus and H. coralloides in England ENRR492 2003/05/02
Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Duke of Burgundy RP2928 2020/04/14
  Greater horseshoe bat Project 1998-2003 ENRR532 2003/07/22
  Hedgerow management, dormice and biodiversity ENRR454 2002/06/26
  Linking Geology and Biodiversity ENRR562 2004/10/16
Managing for species: Integrating the needs of England’s priority species into habitat management NERR024 2010/01/15
  Reintroduction strategy for the pool frog in England ENRR642 2005/08/16
  Report on the marsh honey fungus Armillaria ectypa, a UK BAP species ENRR540 2003/10/01
  Review of the coverage of urban habitats and species within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR651 2005/08/05
  Synonymy between Battarrea phalloides and B. stevenii ENRR625 2005/05/01
  The National Biodiversity Network Southwest Pilot Project ENRR617 2005/05/23
  The potential contribution of the mineral extraction industries to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR279 1998/09/28