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The management of greater horseshoe bat feeding areas to enhance population levels (ENRR241)

The objectives of this study were to:
1. describe the dietary range and population perforrnance parameters of eight widely dispersed greater horseshoe bat populations in the UK;
2. to identify habitat differences between sites and, relate these to dietary differences and measurements of population performance; and
3. to make recommendations for improvements to the management of land within the roost sustenance zone of each roost in the light of its dietary state.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR241 - part 1, PDF, 2.6 MB 2011/11/17
ENRR241 - part 2, PDF, 2.9 MB 2011/11/17
ENRR241 - part 3, PDF, 3.0 MB 2011/11/17
ENRR241 - part 4, PDF, 689.7 kB 2011/11/17