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Laccophilus poecilus Klug Col., Dytiscidae: Species Recovery Programme Report − March 2000−August 2001. Monitoring on the Lewes Levels and surveys in Yorkshire (ENRR509)

Laccophilus poecilus is a small water beetle (3.5 mm long) in the family Dytiscidae. One of three British Laccophilus species, it has distinctly patterned elytra and is considered to be sufficiently distinct, so far as the British fauna is concerned, to confidently permit the acceptance of historical records. However, it is worth noting that four different names have been applied during the 20th century:_ L. variegatus_ (Germ.), L. obsoletus West., L. ponticus Sharp and L. poecilus Klug. A summary of the nomenclatorial history is given by Ahmed & Angus, 1998.

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