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Records for this category

Title Code Published
  'Making Connections': Proceedings of the second North East Kent Coastal Conference, 11 November 2004 ENRR630 2005/01/03
  5 years of monitoring grassland transplantation at Potatopot, West Cumbria. ENRR036 1992/10/01
  A bibliography of research on woodland NNRs ENRR041 1993/02/01
  A biotope sensitivity database to underpin delivery of the Habitats Directive and Biodiversity Action Plan in the seas around England and Scotland ENRR499 2002/04/01
  A brief review of the extent, nature and costs of lowland heathland management in England ENRR101 1994/04/01
  A comparative site assessment of Exposed Riverine Sediment (ERS) beetle faunas in south-west ENRR383 2000/09/01
  A framework for the future: green networks with multiple uses in and around towns and cities ENRR256 1997/11/01
  A history of burning as a management tool in the English uplands 1: Estimates of the areal extent of management burning in the English uplands ENRR667 2005/11/01
  A judgement-based method to identify overgrazing in English upland native woodland ENRR621 2005/02/16
  A literature review of urban effects on lowland heaths and their wildlife ENRR623 2005/04/01
  A littoral survey of Portland Harbour (Small Mouth Spit area 1994) ENRR146 1994/10/03
  A method for identifying prime biodiversity areas in a Natural Area in West Sussex ENRR180 1996/10/01
  A new spring in England’s woods: a report on English Nature’s woodland conservation work, 1996-98 ENRR286 1998/06/01
  A population viability analysis for the reintroduction of the pool frog (Rana lessonae) in Britain ENRR585 2004/04/05
  A preliminary assessment of woodland conservation in England by Natural Areas ENRR186 1996/03/04
  A preliminary entomological survey of Blindley Heath SSSI with emphasis on the Diptera ENRR002 1992/01/03
  A provisional Inventory of parkland and wood-pasture in the East Midlands ENRR595 2004/10/01
  A provisional minimum intervention woodland reserve series for England with proposals for baseline recording and long-term monitoring therein ENRR385 2000/09/01
  A review of the ecology and distribution of Bombylius discolor Mikan (Diptera, Bombyliidae) ENRR309 1999/01/04
  A review of the extent, conservation interest and management of lowland acid grassland in England ENRR259 1998/10/01
  A review of the invertebrate assemblage of acid mires ENRR592 2004/11/09
  A review of the invertebrate interest of coarse woody debris in England ENRR513 2003/06/03
  A review of the invertebrates associated with lowland calcareous grassland ENRR512 2003/06/25
  A review of the use of organic manures on lowland grassland pastures in the UK ENRR368 2000/09/01
  A short bibliography of fens and aspects of their conservation ENRR019 1992/01/01
  A study of the distribution and ecology of the lesser silver water-beetle on the Somerset Levels ENRR591 2004/05/19
  A study on Byctiscus populi (L. 1758) (Attelabidae) in Latvia and implications for conservation management in the UK ENRR487 2004/04/01
  A summary of information on the autecology and control of six grassland weed species ENRR044 1993/10/01
  A survey for the Sandbowl Snail, Catinella arenaria in Cumbria ENRR308 1999/01/04
  A survey of Westbere marshes, Kent for the terrestrial mollusc Vertigo moulinsiana ENRR350 2000/09/01
  A survey of depressed river mussel (Pseudanadonata complanata) Rossmaller in Norfolk ENRR293 1999/01/04
  A survey of ditch flora in the North Kent Marshes SSSI ENRR167 1995/10/02
  A survey of freshwater mollusca of Pevensey Levels, East Sussex ENRR124 1995/10/02
  A survey of the Broadland distribution of the swollen spire snail (Pseudamnicola confusa) (Frauenfeld) ENRR319 1999/01/04
  A survey of the East Kent grazing marshes for the freshwater snail (Segmentina nitida) ENRR356 2000/09/01
  A survey of the aquatic macroinvertebrates of ponds in the Godstone Ponds SSSI, Surrey ENRR003 1992/01/01
  A survey of the invertebrates of five dunes in Northumberland ENRR046 1992/10/01
  A swallowtail population at Shapwick Heath? Preliminary study on the feasibility by comparing host plant properties in Norfolk and Somerset ENRR631 2005/04/19
  A tool for assessing the current conservation status of vascular plants on SSSIs in England ENRR690 2006/09/01
  Abram Flashes SSSI - a review of the available data on the hydrology ENRR054 1992/10/01
  Access to the Countryside: Observations on wildlife made during closures of the countryside during the 2001 Foot and Mouth disease epidemic ENRR486 2002/04/01
  Accessible Natural Green Space Standards in Towns and Cities: A Review and Toolkit for their Implementation ENRR526 2003/01/01
  Accessible natural greenspace in towns and cities: a review of appropriate size and distance criteria ENRR153 1996/11/01
  Adopting an ecosystem approach for improved stewardship of the maritime environment: some overarching issues ENRR538 2003/01/01
  Advancing the UK strategy for sustainable development ENRR638 2005/01/04
  Aerial surveys of waterbirds in the Wash, 2005/06 ENRR708 2006/07/03
  Agriculture and Natural Areas: a discussion paper ENRR247 1997/06/02
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England 4 February 1997 - 13 February 1998 ENRR277 1998/06/01
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England: 29 February 1996 - 4 February 1997 ENRR222 1997/06/02
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England: July 1994 - February 1996 ENRR177 1996/03/01
  An approach to a woodland monitoring framework ENRR098 1991/01/01
  An evaluation of the effectiveness of great crested newt mitigation projects in England, 1990 – 2001 ENRR575 2004/04/05
  An experimental study on the impact of clam dredging of soft sediment macroinvertebrates ENRR013 1992/02/03
  An implementation framework for the conservation, protection and management of nationally important marine wildlife in the UK ENRR394 1998/10/01
  An investigation into water bodies of the Norfolk hinterland of the Wash ENRR437 2001/10/01
  Ancient Woodland Inventory: England (provisional) ENRR072 1994/07/01
  Ancient tree survey of Staverton Park and The Thicks SSSI, Suffolk ENRR334 1999/11/01
  Ancient woodland inventory: database documentation ENRR131 1994/02/01
  Are habitat corridors conduits for animals and plants in a fragmented landscape? A review of the scientific evidence ENRR094 1991/01/01
  Ashdown Forest Grazing Action Plan ENRR602 2004/06/01
  Ashdown Forest: a review of grazing ENRR535 2003/06/02
  Aspects of the breeding ecology of twite in the South Pennines ENRR118 1991/01/01
  Assessing Vegetation Condition in the English Uplands ENRR264 1998/04/23
  Assessing the outcome of English Nature advice on bat colony management and mitigation works ENRR517 2003/06/02
  Assessment and development of fuelwood uses for products from SSSI and ancient woodland conservation management at Wyre Forest, Worcestershire/Shropshire ENRR711 2006/08/01
  Assessment of the risk posed by toxic contamination to waterbirds on Special Protection Areas (SPAs) ENRR703 2006/09/19
  Assessment of vegetation change at Thrislington Plantation National Nature Reserve, Co Durham ENRR413 1998/10/01
  Audit of non-native species in England ENRR662 2005/10/21
  Autecology and conservation of Callicera spinolae the golden hoverfly (Diptera, Syrphidae) ENRR581 2004/04/05
  BAP fungi handbook ENRR600 2005/05/17
  Beech tree health survey 1991-2 ENRR023 1992/10/01
  Biodiversity: linking the Habitat Action Plan for wood pasture and parkland with the requirements of priority and other species ENRR432 2001/10/01
  Biodiversity’s contribution to the quality of life ENRR510 2003/04/01
  Biological indicators of the dehydration and changes to East Anglian fens past and present ENRR020 1992/01/01
  Biotope survey of the Littoral Sediment of the North Norfolk Coast candidate SAC ENRR285 1998/10/01
  Birds in England: a natural areas approach ENRR114 1991/01/01
  Birds in England: context and priorities ENRR062 1991/01/01
  Broad scale remote survey and mapping of sub-littoral habitats and biota of The Wash and the Lincolnshire and the North Norfolk coasts ENRR336 1998/10/01
  Broadscale mapping of Morecambe Bay ENRR232 1996/10/01
  Broadscale mapping of habitats and biota of the sublittoral seabed of The Wash: Final report of the 1996 Broadscale Mapping Project Survey ENRR238 1996/10/01
  Brownfield: red data - The values artificial habitats have for uncommon invertebrates ENRR273 1998/02/02
  Bryophyte monitoring at Naddle Low Forest, Cumbria ENRR017 1992/10/01
  Changes in a permanent transect in an oak-beech woodland (Dendles Wood, Devon) ENRR347 2000/09/01
  Changes in abundance of six ground flora species in Wytham Woods (1974 1991) ENRR175 1996/01/05
  Changes in corn bunting distribution on the South Downs in relation to agricultural land use and cereal invertebrates ENRR129 1991/01/01
  Changes in the composition and structure of the tree and shrub layers in Wytham Wood (Oxon) 1 ENRR143 1996/01/05
  Changes in the ground flora in Wytham Woods, Southern England, 1974-1991 and their implications for nature conservation ENRR320 1999/01/04
  Changes in the vegetation of Ross Links since 1955 and their relation to management ENRR050 1992/10/01
  Characterisation of farming in natural areas ENRR205 1997/01/06
  Chippenham Fen NNR, Cambs. Aquatic invertebrate monitoring 1992 ENRR033 1992/10/01
  Chippenham Fen NNR, Cambs. Aquatic invertebrate monitoring 1993 ENRR078 1993/10/01
  Chippenham Fen NNR. Botanical, Invertebrate & Hydrological monitoring 1991- 1995 Final Report ENRR191 1996/01/05
  Chippenham Fen NNR. Monitoring 1991- Appendix 1 - Hydrological Assessment ENRR192 1996/01/05
  Chippenham Fen NNR. Monitoring 1991- Appendix 2 - Vegetation monitoring ENRR193 1996/01/05
  Chippenham Fen NNR. Monitoring 1991- Appendix 3 - Invertebrate monitoring ENRR194 1996/01/05
  Coastal Defence Issues and Lessons from the Sleswig-Holstein Coast of Northern Germany ENRR115 1994/04/01
  Coastal biodiversity opportunities in the South West Region ENRR640 2005/01/01
  Common land and conservation ENRR077 1993/10/01
  Community strategies and the integration of biodiversity - an assessment of progress in England, February 2005 ENRR644 2005/06/03
  Conservation and the farm business ENRR255 1997/09/01
  Conservation of British species of weevil ENRR110 1994/10/03
  Conservation status of the adder in Greater London ENRR666 2006/02/10
  Conserving the red squirrel in Thetford Forest ENRR262 1998/02/23
  Control of Rhododendron ponticum on Lundy in relation to the conservation of the endemic plant Lundy cabbage, Coincya wrightii ENRR263 1998/02/13
  Costed plans and options for herpetofauna surveillance and monitoring ENRR663 2006/02/15
  County surveys of parkland: the Staffordshire experience 2001. ENRR416 2001/10/01
  Criteria for identifying the critical environmental capital of the maritime zone: a discussion paper ENRR136 1995/02/01
  Cumbria mires survey ENRR081 1993/10/01
  Current limnological condition of a group of the W.Midlands Meres that bear SSSI status ENRR059 1992/10/01
  Decoupling by degrees? Agricultural liberalisation and its implications for nature conservation in Britain ENRR196 1996/10/01
  Deer management on National Nature Reserves: problems and practices ENRR173 1996/02/01
  Designing coastlines fit for the future ENRR702 2006/01/01
  Desk study to assess the impact of cockle suction dredging on The Wash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site ENRR670 2005/10/03
  Developing definitions of natural capital for use within the Uplands of England ENRR197 1996/10/01
  Developing guidelines for identifying Biodiversity Action Plan habitats in quarries: a feasibility study ENRR504 2003/07/01
  Developing new native woodland in the English uplands ENRR230 1997/02/03
  Developing the concepts of good environmental status and marine ecosystem objectives: some important considerations ENRR689 2011/01/01
  Developing tools for assessing fungal interest in habitats 1: beech woodland saprotrophs ENRR597 2004/11/22
  Development of a veteran tree site assessment protocol ENRR628 2005/01/01
  Development of eco-hydrological guidelines for wet heaths - Phase 1 ENRR620 2005/06/15
  Distribution, status and conservation of Alopecurus pratensis - Sanguisorba officinalis flood-plain meadows in England ENRR249 1997/06/02
  Ditch monitoring at Walland Marsh SSSI ENRR132 1994/10/03
  Do raptors disturb driven grouse shoots? A pilot study in northern England ENRR342 2000/02/01
  Do raptors disturb driven grouse shoots? A study in northern England. ENRR401 2000/09/01
  Dog-walkers on the Dorset Heaths: Analysis of questionnaire data collected by wardens on Dorset’s Urban Heaths ENRR713 2006/08/01
  Dungeness before 1960: the landscape and the people ENRR571 2005/03/01
  Earth Heritage Site Interpretation in England: a review of principle techniques with case studies ENRR176 1996/01/05
  Earth heritage conservation in England: a Natural Areas perspective ENRR158 1996/01/03
  Eco-hydrological guidelines for wet woodland – Phase I ENRR619 2005/07/27
  Ecosystem functions and the implications for economic evaluation. ENRR441 2001/10/01
  Effect of inorganic fertilisers on botanical diversity and agriculture on the Somerset Levels ENRR087 1993/10/01
  Effects of reductions in organic and nutrient loading on bird populations in estuaries and coastal waters of England and Wales. Phase 2 report ENRR586 2003/12/01
  Endocrine disrupters and European Marine Sites in England ENRR531 2003/01/01
  England’s Ecosystem Services, A preliminary assessment of three habitat types: broad-leaved woodland, the inter-tidal zone and fresh-water wetlands ENRR701 2006/09/19
  English Nature's Research Programme 2000/2001 ENRR408 2001/04/02
  English Nature's Research Programme 2001/2002 ENRR440 2001/10/01
  English Nature's Research Programme 2005/2006 ENRR668 2005/01/01
  English Nature’s Research Programme 2002/2003 ENRR478 2003/12/03
  English Nature’s Research Programme 2003/2004 ENRR553 2004/01/01
  Enriching the Wyre. Wyre Forest prime Biodiversity area: a scoping study ENRR338 1999/11/01
  Environmental accounts for nature conservation: a methodology ENRR355 2000/02/28
  Environmental impact of pesticide drift ENRR011 1992/04/01
  Environmental impact of pesticide drift: Aerial spraying ENRR112 1994/02/01
  Environmental opportunities in low lying coastal areas under a scenario of climate change (1991) ENRR016 1991/11/01
  Environmental taxes and tradeable permits: how well do they work for nature conservation? ENRR322 1999/01/04
  Eristalis cryptarum (a hoverfly): a study of the phenology and extent of the Devon population, 1999-2000 ENRR414 2001/10/01
  Establishing criteria for identifying critical natural capital in the Terrestrial Environment ENRR141 1996/01/05
  Estimating the length of hedgerow in Suffolk ENRR366 2000/09/01
  Evaluation of potential use of biomarkers as long-term monitoring tools in assessing ecological quality in terrestrial and aquatic environments of the UK ENRR593 2004/08/09
  Evaluation of reptile survey methodologies: final report. ENRR200 1997/01/06
  Evaluation of the capacity of pheromones for control of invasive non-native crayfish ENRR578 2004/04/05
  Evaluation of the capacity of pheromones for control of invasive non-native crayfish: part 2 ENRR633 2005/03/17
  Evaluation of the nature conservation outcomes of woodland grant scheme in Wye and Avon Conservancy: Phase 1: Area study ENRR268 1998/09/01
  Excess sulphur and nitrogen deposition in England's natural areas ENRR201 1997/01/06
  Exotic plant species on brownfield land: their value to invertebrates of nature conservation importance ENRR650 2005/07/25
  Farm conservation plan study. ENRR116 1994/05/02
  Fen Raft Spider Project: Interim Summary Report for 1998 ENRR299 1999/01/04
  Fen Raft Spider Project: interim summary report for 1997 ENRR258 1998/09/01
  Fen Violet: a review of conservation work carried out under English Nature’s Species Recovery Programme 1993 to 2005 ENRR676 2006/06/01
  Fen raft spider recovery project: a decade of monitoring. Reports for 1991-1999 and 2000 ENRR358 2000/09/01
  Fen ragwort: a review of conservation work carried out under English Nature’s Species Recovery Programme, 1991 to 2005 ENRR674 2006/06/01
  Financial values of five important marine/coastal wildlife areas in England ENRR182 1996/10/01
  Flood defence standards for designated sites ENRR629 2006/01/01
  Freshwater wetlands in England: a natural areas approach ENRR204 1996/12/12
  Further Invertebrate survey of RAF Lakenheath SSSI in July 1993 ENRR146A 1994/02/01
  Geological conservation benefits for biodiversity ENRR561 2004/09/30
  Geomorphological appraisal of the River Nar Site of Special Scientific Interest ENRR684 2006/09/19
  Glossary of agri-environmental terms ENRR159 1996/02/01
  Going, going, gone? the cumulative impact of land development on biodiversity in England ENRR626 2005/02/25
  Good nature conservation practice in the minerals industry ENRR160 1996/04/30
  Grazing marsh assemblages and site classification using invertebrates ENRR579 2004/03/26
  Greater horseshoe bat Project 1998-2003 ENRR532 2003/07/22
  Grey literature on the maritime environment: a select bibliography ENRR323 1999/07/01
  Grey squirrel control for red squirrel conservation: a study in Thetford Forest. ENRR453 2002/04/01
  Guidance on understanding and managing soils for habitat restoration projects ENRR712 2006/01/02
  Guide to databases held by Habitats and Species branches ENRR079 1993/10/01
  Habitat Restoration Project: fact sheets and bibliographies ENRR260 1997/12/19
  Habitat fragmentation and heathland species ENRR095 1991/01/01
  Habitat fragmentation pilot study: insect mobility ENRR139 1996/01/05
  Habitat requirements of golden plover: A pilot study ENRR001 1992/10/01
  Habitat restoration monitoring development of monitoring methodologies within the Ouse & Alde trial areas ENRR321 1999/01/04
  Habitat restoration project enriching the vale: final report for the Dorset Blackmore Vale trial area ENRR376 2000/09/01
  Habitat restoration project: Ouse Valley link trail area report ENRR326 1999/01/04
  Habitat restoration project: Sherwood Forest ENRR367 2000/09/01
  Habitat restoration project: renewing the Alde project. Final report for the Suffolk trial area ENRR327 1999/01/04
  Hazel pot beetle (Cryptocephalus coryli)(L). Survey and monitoring for proposed SRP ENRR246 1998/09/01
  Herptile sites Volume 1: National Amphibian Survey - Final Report ENRR038 1993/01/01
  Herptile sites Volume 2: National common reptile survey - Final report ENRR039 1993/01/01
  Historical study of sites of natural sea wall failures in Essex ENRR015 1992/02/03
  How the scale of effects on internationally designated nature conservation sites in Britain has been considered in decision making: A review of authoritative decisions ENRR704 2006/09/19
  Humber Estuary Low Tide Count Programme 2003-2004 ENRR656 2005/08/12
  Humber Estuary wetland bird survey: twelve months of high and low tide counts, September 1998 ENRR339 1999/11/01
  Hydrology and mineral workings. Effects on nature conservation. Technical annexe ENRR106 1994/10/03
  Identification of biodiversity and geological conservation opportunties in three coastal Natural Areas: Tyne to Tees, Saltburn to Bridlington and Bridlington to Skegness ENRR639 2005/01/01
  Identification of marine habitats relevant to Special Areas of Conservation ENRR659 2005/01/01
  Identifying and describing farm character and structure in the Natural Areas ENRR206 1996/10/01
  Identifying baseline standards in agriculture ENRR405 1998/10/01
  Identifying biodiversity opportunities to inform SMP Review: Sheringham to Lowestoft; North Kent Coast; East Kent Coast; Folkestone to Selsey Bill; and Solent and Poole Bay Natural Areas ENRR565 2004/01/01
  Impact of fish and fishing management on the conservation of the West Midland meres ENRR137 1994/10/03
  Inshore fisheries management in England and Wales: Facing up to the challenges of the 21st century ENRR448 2001/10/01
  Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the Planning System in England ENRR643 2005/01/01
  Integrated washland management for flood defence and biodiversity ENRR598 2005/01/01
  Inventories of Lowland Grassland in England: Rationale & Methodology ENRR215 1997/03/03
  Invertebrate assemblages on English SSSIs ENRR618 2005/04/01
  Invertebrate interest of the Mid- Cornwall Moors ENRR354 2000/09/01
  Invertebrates and their habitats in Natural Areas ENRR298 1999/01/04
  Issues facing nature conservation in England: A Natural Areas perspective ENRR165 1996/01/05
  Kent neutral grassland survey Phase 2 1994 ENRR119 1995/01/05
  Knepp Castle Estate baseline ecological survey ENRR693 2006/08/31
  Known Cryptocephalus coryli, C. Decemmaculatus and C. Nitidulus sites: Their history, characteristics and recommendations for management ENRR468 2002/04/01
  Laccophilus poecilus Klug Col., Dytiscidae: Species Recovery Programme Report − March 2000−August 2001. Monitoring on the Lewes Levels and surveys in Yorkshire ENRR509 2003/03/28
  Learning from the past to influence the future. English Nature Research Reports ENRR502 2003/12/02
  Lichen survey of selected Breckland SSSIs, 2002 ENRR503 2002/10/01
  Lichens in a changing pollution environment ENRR525 2005/03/08
  Likely impacts of oil and gas activities on the marine environment ENRR145 1994/10/03
  Linear features: linear habitats and wildlife corridors ENRR060 1991/01/01
  Literature review of the historical effects of burning and grazing of blanket bog and upland wet heath ENRR172 1996/02/01
  Littoral & sublittoral biotope mapping and data capture exercise for the Essex Estuaries Candidate Marine Special Area of Conservation ENRR305 1998/10/01
  Livestock movement and location in England ENRR088 1993/10/01
  Local Authorities: the protection and management of ancient woodland ENRR250 1998/09/01
  Local Geodiversity Action Plans: setting the context for geological conservation ENRR560 2006/09/15
  Local Geodiversity Action Plans: sharing good practice workshop Peterborough, 3 December 2003 ENRR601 2004/12/08
  Locating New Lowland Woods: final report ENRR283 1999/01/04
  Long term ecological change in British woodland (1971-2001) ENRR653 2005/07/01
  Long-term monitoring and management of Langley Wood. A minimum-intervention National Nature Reserve ENRR302 1999/01/04
  Low tide survey of The Wash Special Protection Area, Final report of the winter 2002-2003 shorebird survey ENRR589 2004/01/01
  Lowland Heathland SSSIs: guidance on conservation objectives setting and condition monitoring ENRR511 2003/01/01
  Lowland grassland in Natural Areas: national assessment of significance ENRR171 1997/02/03
  Lowland grassland wildlife value and conservation status ENRR169 1996/02/01
  Lowland grassland: a strategic review and action plan ENRR163 1996/04/29
  Lowland heathland in England: a Natural Areas approach ENRR170 1998/01/05
  Lowland heathland: wildlife value and conservation status ENRR188 1996/03/01
  Lowland wet grassland resource survey: Module 2 ENRR149 1996/01/05
  Lundy Marine Nature Reserve - sub littoral monitoring site assessment ENRR155 1994/10/03
  Lundy Marine Nature Reserve littoral monitoring report 5-9 October 1991 ENRR012 1992/02/03
  Lundy littoral survey 11-15 March 1996 ENRR183 1996/10/01
  MLURI hill grazing management model ENRR083 1993/10/01
  Management plan for the caves of Lathkill Dale-Monyash, Derbyshire ENRR223 1996/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Flamborough head ENRR121 1992/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Thanet coast ENRR154 1994/10/03
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around the Isle of Wight ENRR120 1993/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes in Falmouth Bay and lower Fal Ruan Estuary ENRR119A 1993/10/01
  Marine Protected Areas a review of their use for delivering marine biodiversity benefits ENRR688 2006/01/01
  Marine conservation management. A pilot study on the north Northumberland coast ENRR092 1993/10/01
  Marine monitoring in the Isles of Scilly. 1991 ENRR009 1991/03/01
  Maritime strategy web survey ENRR587 2004/01/01
  Measuring the minerals industry’s contribution to biodiversity ENRR594 2004/08/01
  Mineral collecting and conservation – hammering out a future? Proceedings of a one-day conference in Salford, 16 April 2003 ENRR505 2003/08/01
  Monitoring Muntjac deer (Muntiacus) and their impacts in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve ENRR681 2006/06/01
  Monitoring natural stand change development in Monks Wood NNR ENRR270 1998/09/01
  Monitoring otters in SACs: testing the protocol ENRR664 2005/10/21
  Monitoring populations of Anisus vorticulus (the Little Whirlpool Ramshorn Snail) in West Sussex - May-November 1998 ENRR310 1999/01/04
  Monitoring raised bogs: workshop report ENRR189 1996/03/01
  Monitoring the condition of lowland grassland SSSIs: Pt 1 English Nature’s rapid assessment method ENRR315 2000/01/03
  Moulton Marsh saline lagoon survey, The Wash, Lincolnshire ENRR588 2004/01/01
  Movements and distribution of inland breeding cormorants in England ENRR360 2000/01/01
  National SSSI Sample Survey of lowland heathland ENRR291 1996/10/01
  National SSSI sample survey of lowland grasslands: pilot project ENRR130 1994/05/02
  National Sample survey of SSSI woodland ENRR301 1999/01/04
  National sample survey of SSSI fens 2000 ENRR349 1998/10/01
  Natural developments in Scords Wood, Toy's Hill, Kent since the Great Storm of October 1987 ENRR346 2000/02/01
  Nature and psychological well-being ENRR533 2003/10/01
  Nature conservation input to Indicative Forestry strategies in England ENRR198 1996/10/01
  Nature conservation objectives in shoreline management plans: a suggested approach ENRR243 1997/03/03
  Nesting ecology of Formica cunicularia ENRR612 2005/10/27
  Networks of Protected Areas in the Maritime Environment: A report for the Review of Marine Nature Conservation and the Marine Stewardship process on a stakeholder workshop held in London on 19 June 2003 ENRR537 2003/09/01
  New native woodland in Dartmoor ENRR417 1998/10/01
  Nightjar Survey - Hartland Moor - Dorset Heathland 1995 ENRR184 1996/01/05
  North York Moors National Park upland vegetation survey - report ENRR245 1996/10/01
  Northey Island Managed Retreat report 5, Results to Feb 1995 ENRR157 1995/03/01
  Northey Island managed retreat. Report 4. Overview to February 1994 ENRR103 1994/03/01
  Northey Island set-back scheme. Report 2: Aug 1991-Jan 1992 ENRR006 1992/02/03
  Northey Island set-back scheme. Report 3 May 1993 ENRR061 1993/05/03
  Northey Island. Managed retreat scheme. Results of botanical monitoring 1991- 1994 ENRR128 1994/10/03
  Northey island Managed Retreat. Report 6. Results to Feb 96 ENRR185 1996/10/01
  Nutrient enrichment of basin fens: options for remediation ENRR610 2005/02/16
  Nutrient reconstructions in standing waters: Final Report ENRR252 1998/09/01
  Opportunities for Enriching the Vale. A vision for habitat restoration in the Blackmore Vale ENRR371 2000/09/01
  Opportunities for Enriching the Vale. A vision for habitat restoration in the Blackmore Vale: summary ENRR372 2000/09/01
  Opportunities for renewing Sherwood's wildlife: habitat restoration project ENRR369 2000/09/01
  Opportunities for renewing Sherwood's wildlife: summary habitat restoration project ENRR370 2000/09/01
  Optimal vegetation condition in England Uplands: consultation draft ENRR220 1997/03/03
  Orwell Estuary: systematic review of waterbirds incorporating a report on the effects of the Felixstowe Dock expansion on key wading species at Fagbury ENRR381 2000/09/01
  Orwell Estuary: waterbird count appendices ENRR382 2000/09/01
  Ouse Valley Link trial area report. Habitat Restoration Project ENRR373 2000/09/01
  Ouse Valley Link trial area report: Summary. Habitat Restoration Project ENRR374 2000/09/01
  Over view of coastal sand dunes, saltmarsh and vegetated shingle by Natural Area ENRR317 1998/10/01
  Palaeolimnological investigation of English lake SSSIs ENRR694 2006/08/01
  Parklands - the way forward 19-21 May 1998, Hereford: Proceedings ENRR295 1998/06/01
  Phase 2 woodland NVC surveys 1988-91 in England and Wales ENRR008 1992/10/01
  Phoenix House Therapeutic Conservation Programme: underpinning theory ENRR611 2004/10/27
  Pike Whin Bog - decline in water levels ENRR055 1993/01/05
  Places in Cumbria for wildlife and people ENRR705 2006/08/01
  Planning for biodiversity – opportunity mapping and habitat networks in practice: a technical guide ENRR687 2006/05/01
  Population biology of late spider orchid Ophrys fuciflora ENRR389 2000/09/01
  Population diversity and speciation in Hydnellum and Phellodon species ENRR557 2004/03/01
  Porthleven cliffs coastal protection scheme ENRR029 1992/02/03
  Posford-Duvivier Env Broad Scale Biological Mapping of Plymouth Sound and Estuaries ENRR208 1996/10/01
  Pre-Recovery Programme: Survey of three sites in England (Gait Barrows NNR, Florden Common and Martlesham Creek) for the terrestrial snail Vertigo angustior ENRR228 1996/10/01
  Preliminary ecological investigation of four wood-inhabiting fungi of conservation concern - oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus (=Buglossoporus pulvinus) and the tooth fungi Hericium/Creolophus spp ENRR616 2005/04/19
  Preliminary nature conservation objectives for Natural Areas woodlands & forestry. ENRR239 1997/03/03
  Preliminary report on control of water levels at Croft Pascoe Pool, Cornwall ENRR053 1992/10/01
  Preliminary report on control of water levels at Ruan Pool, Cornwall ENRR052 1992/10/01
  Preparation and presentation of habitat replacement cost estimates. Using examples of the restoration and creation of coastal and floodplain grazing marsh, reedbeds and lagoons ENRR345 1998/10/01
  Prime Biodiversity Areas: Definition, identification and conservation uses ENRR290 1999/01/04
  Prioritisation of Lowland Peat Programme Resources ENRR179 1996/01/05
  Priority Natural Areas for mammals, reptiles and amphibians ENRR242 1997/05/01
  Proceedings of a Conservation Genetics Workshop held at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: 27 November 2001 ENRR607 2005/01/17
  Proceedings of the Future for Deer Conference 28 & 29 March 2003 ENRR548 2003/08/28
  Proceedings of the North East Kent Coastal Research Workshop 22 October 2002, Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory ENRR570 2004/01/01
  Progress reports on monitoring of grassland transplantation sites, Brampton Meadow, Cambs 1987 to 1991 ENRR037 1992/10/01
  Pygmy rush (Juncus pygmaeus): national status in 2000. Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall. ENRR412 2001/10/01
  Radio tracking study of greater horseshoe bats at Buckfastleigh Caves Site of Special Scientific Interest, 2003 ENRR573 2005/01/17
  Rare & Scarce vascular plants and Bryophytes in Natural Areas ENRR267 1998/09/01
  Re-recording of storm-damaged woods in Kent and Sussex ENRR043 1993/01/01
  Regional Planning Guidance and development plans: a flow in plan content on biodiversity? ENRR522 2003/08/01
  Reintroducing stock grazing to Savernake Forest: a feasibility study ENRR224 1997/03/03
  Reintroduction of the pine marten: a feasibility study ENRR084 1991/01/01
  Reintroduction strategy for the pool frog in England ENRR642 2005/08/16
  Renewing the Alde. Trial Area report. Habitat Restoration Project ENRR375 2000/09/01
  Report on 6 Dorset Heathland sites for Southern damselfly (Coenagrion mercuria) 1994 ENRR133 1995/10/02
  Report on Lundy and the Isles of Scilly marine monitoring programme 1984-1991 ENRR010 1992/02/03
  Report on hazel gloves Hypocreopsis rhododendri, a UK BAP ascomycete fungus (with reference to willow gloves H. lichenoides) ENRR541 2003/10/01
  Report on the marsh honey fungus Armillaria ectypa, a UK BAP species ENRR540 2003/10/01
  Report on the oak polypore Piptoporus quercinus (syn. Buglossoporus quercinus; B. pulvinus) ENRR458 2002/04/01
  Report on the vegetation of 'The Mens' woodland reserve, West Sussex. ENRR444 2002/04/01
  Resource survey of base-rich upland seepages ENRR427 2001/10/01
  Review of how the Land Use Planning System could Influence the Development of a Marine Spatial Planning System for England ENRR566 2003/01/01
  Review of the coverage of urban habitats and species within the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR651 2005/08/05
  Review of the diet and micro-habitat values for wildlife and the agronomic potential of selected grassland plant species ENRR697 2006/09/19
  Review of the effectiveness of gull culling for nature conservation purposes. ENRR438 2001/10/01
  Review of the impact of extensive livestock farming systems on nature conservation and the environment: Phase 1 - Final report ENRR068 1993/01/01
  Review of the impact of extensive livestock farming systems on nature conservation and the environment: Phase 2 - Final report ENRR069 1993/01/01
  Review of the status of estuarine fishes ENRR034 1993/06/01
  Ribbon-leaved water-plantain: a review of conservation work carried out under English Nature’s Species Recovery Programme and the UK Biodiversity Action Plan, 1991 to 2005 ENRR675 2006/06/01
  Routes to the development of a parapoxvirus vaccine for red squirrels ENRR645 2005/07/18
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part I, mapping techniques and ecological assessment ENRR545 2004/01/01
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part III, Summary of knowledge, recommended monitoring strategies and outstanding research requirements ENRR543 2004/01/01
  Sabellaria spinulosa reef in the Wash and North Norfolk Coast cSAC and its approaches: Part II, fine scale mapping of the spatial and temporal distribution of reefs and the development of techniques for monitoring condition ENRR544 2004/01/01
  Sampling framework for monitoring of grassland Biodiversity Action Plan targets ENRR388 2000/09/01
  Sand Lizard SRP. First Year 1994-95 ENRR134 1995/10/02
  Sand Lizard Species Recovery Programme Project: Final Report ENRR288 1999/01/04
  Saproxylic invertebrate survey, assessment and management recommendations of Calke Park, Derbyshire ENRR691 2006/09/01
  Sensitivity and vulnerability to man induced change of selected communities: Intertidal brown algal shrubs Zostera beds and Sabellaria spinulosa reefs ENRR234 1996/10/01
  Site information boards for geological and geomorphological SSSIs ENRR026 1992/01/01
  Site management and climate change ENRR076 1994/01/03
  South Somerset SSSIs a study of successive MG5 grassland ENRR266 1998/09/01
  Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management ENRR527 2004/07/27
  Spatial planning for biodiversity in our changing climate ENRR677 2006/01/01
  Species Recovery Programme 2000. Action for Biodiversity: BAP aculeates (bees, wasps and ants) ENRR402 2001/04/02
  Species Recovery Programme for the Pine Marten in England 1996-1998 ENRR306 1999/01/04
  Species Recovery Programme for the pine marten in England: 1995-96 ENRR240 1997/07/14
  Species Recovery Programme. Survey for the cranefly (Lipsothrix nigristigma) in 2000 ENRR410 2001/10/01
  Statistical advice on dealing with data from permanent plots and other monitoring studies ENRR031 1992/10/01
  Status and management of Dolomedes plantarius on Redgrave & Lopham Fen NNR in 1996 ENRR214 1996/10/01
  Status and woodland requirements of the dormouse in England ENRR166 1996/04/29
  Status of the adder Vipera berus and slow-worm Anguis fragilis in England ENRR546 2004/02/23
  Stipitate hydnoid fungi in England: a desk survey. ENRR420 2001/10/01
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods I. Ashford Hanger National Nature Reserve ENRR603 2005/08/16
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods II. Noar Hill Hanger ENRR604 2005/08/16
  Strategic control of non-native invasive aquatic plants ENRR686 2006/08/08
  Survey and analysis of woodland vegetation within Langley Wood NNR ENRR518 2003/12/01
  Survey for the cranefly (Lipsothrix nigristigma) ENRR351 2000/09/01
  Survey monitoring in Kent collected reports. ENRR140 1996/01/05
  Survey of EU Habitats Directive Vertigo species in England: 3. (Vertigo Moulinsiana). ENRR450 2002/04/01
  Survey of chalk cave, cliff, intertidal and subtidal reef biotopes in the Thanet Coast cSAC ENRR325 1998/10/01
  Survey of selected saline lagoons, Suffolk Coast ENRR300 1998/10/01
  Survey of the brackish pools on the King's Marshes ENRR209 1997/01/06
  Survey of the lesser Silver Water beetle (Hydrochara caraboides) in Cheshire ENRR248 1998/09/01
  Survey of the marine environment of north Northumberland: marine biotopes ENRR091 1993/10/01
  Survey to elucidate the distribution of the lagoon snail (Paludinella littorina) in England ENRR436 2001/10/01
  Surveying dormice using nest tubes. Results and experiences from the South West Dormouse Project ENRR524 2003/09/25
  Surveys of EU Habitats Directive Vertigo species in England ENRR419 2001/10/01
  Sustainable development and agriculture ENRR278 1998/06/01
  Sustainable forestry and nature conservation in England ENRR195 1996/02/01
  Sustainable forestry and nature conservation: Slow steps in the right direction? ENRR122 1994/02/01
  Sustainable grazing practices on the South West moors of England ENRR253 1996/10/01
  Sustainable grazing practices on the South west moors of England (incl Site Reports annex) ENRR254 1996/10/01
  Synonymy between Battarrea phalloides and B. stevenii ENRR625 2005/05/01
  Targeting areas for the restoration and re-creation of coastal and floodplain grazing marsh ENRR332 1999/03/01
  Ten years of change: Woodland research at Monks Wood NNR, 1993-2003 Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Symposium, December 2003 ENRR613 2005/01/01
  Terrestrial Invertebrate survey of Prawle Point-Start Point SSSI, S.Devon ENRR126 1994/05/02
  Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate population monitoring in Britain & Ireland: appendix ENRR025 1992/10/01
  Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate population monitoring in Britain and Ireland ENRR024 1992/10/01
  Thames & Chilterns: Parkland and wood pastures with veteran trees Phase I – A provisional inventory 2002/03 ENRR520 2003/01/01
  Thanet intertidal survey: assessment of favourable condition of reef and seacave features in the Thanet Coast cSAC ENRR568 2004/01/01
  The CAP Beef Regime in England and its impact on nature conservation ENRR265 1998/01/05
  The Grassland Database: VEGAN Version 4.0 - Supplement to the Version 3.0 Manual ENRR113 1994/10/03
  The Greater Cotswolds Natural Area: Grassland and data project ENRR142 1996/01/05
  The Humber Estuary: A comprehensive review of its nature conservation interest ENRR547 2003/12/01
  The Lincolnshire and North Norfolk maritime area: A review of the past and present status of its species and habitats ENRR542 2003/01/01
  The MarClim Project: Key messages for decision makers and policy advisors, and recommendations for future administrative arrangements and management measures ENRR671 2005/12/01
  The National Biodiversity Network Southwest Pilot Project ENRR617 2005/05/23
  The Northern Pennines: an evaluation of upland habitats ENRR064 1993/01/05
  The Parkland Inventory Project: A pilot study for an inventory of parklands ENRR147 1995/01/01
  The Upland resource survey consolidation project. Final report. Phase 2a ENRR093 1993/10/01
  The Wildlife Enhancement Scheme in the Uplands ENRR199 1996/10/01
  The agricultural productivity of lowland semi-natural grassland: a review ENRR233 1997/06/02
  The ancient woodland inventory database and digital boundary project. An update of recent developments (1999) ENRR313 1999/01/04
  The area of key habitats in the East Anglian Plain ENRR275 1999/01/04
  The biodiversity of three traditional orchards within the Wyre Forest SSSI in Worcestershire: a survey by the Wyre Forest Study Group ENRR707 2006/01/02
  The breeding ecology of curlew: A pilot study ENRR127 1995/10/02
  The condition of lowland BAP priority grasslands. Results from a sample survey of non-statutory stands. ENRR636 2005/07/18
  The conservation and management of unconsolidated geological sections ENRR563 2004/09/03
  The conservation of juniper in Northumbria ENRR152 1996/01/05
  The development of beech woodland at Dendles Wood National Nature Reserve, Devon ENRR433 2001/10/01
  The distribution and abundance of ponds in Suffolk ENRR333 1999/11/12
  The distribution of lowland wet grassland in England ENRR049 1993/01/04
  The diving beetle (Laccophilus poecilus) (Dytiscidae): historical review, survey and monitoring on the Lewes Levels ENRR357 2000/09/01
  The ecological effects of diffuse air pollution from road transport ENRR580 2004/03/26
  The ecological impact of sweet chestnut coppice silviculture on former ancient, broadleaved woodland sites in south-east England ENRR627 2005/02/08
  The effectiveness of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for uncultivated land and semi-natural areas ENRR605 2004/09/23
  The effectiveness of the floodplain ESA schemes in the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity ENRR364 2000/02/01
  The effects of FMD-induced mass livestock slaughter on greater horseshoe bats in the Forest of Dean ENRR646 2005/12/01
  The effects of horse and cattle grazing on English species-rich grasslands ENRR210 1997/04/16
  The effects of horse grazing on species-rich grasslands ENRR164 1996/04/29
  The effects of shade and weather on daffodil Narcissus pseudo narcissus in West Dean Woods, West Sussex ENRR340 2000/02/01
  The endangered myxomycetes (slime moulds) of the British Isles ENRR466 2002/04/01
  The freshwater snail (Anisus vortiulus): 1998 monitoring survey of ditches in East Anglia ENRR311 1999/01/04
  The future of transport 2005-2015 ENRR665 2005/12/01
  The habitat and management requirements of Spined loach (Cobitis taenia) ENRR244 1998/09/01
  The hornet robberfly (Asilus crabroniformis Linnaeus) - adult behaviour at selected sites in Dorset, Hampshire and Surrey in 1997 ENRR274 1998/09/01
  The impact of ‘rock-fall’ mesh / netting on scientifically and educationally important geological exposures: a case study ENRR679 2006/06/29
  The impact, use and control of fire ENRR297 1998/03/02
  The impacts of pesticide spray drift and fertiliser over-spread on the ground flora of ancient woodland ENRR614 2005/02/01
  The implications of a major coastal flood on nature conservation interests in England ENRR695 2003/10/01
  The implications of climate change for the conservation of beech woodlands and associated flora in the UK ENRR528 2003/01/01
  The long-term effects of cutting on the yield, floristic composition and soil nutrient status of chalk grassland ENRR071 1993/01/04
  The management of semi-natural lowland grassland for selected rare and scarce vascular plants: a review ENRR216 1997/04/23
  The marine nature conservation importance of British coastal chalk cliff habitats ENRR032 1993/01/04
  The marsh fritillary butterfly in the Avalon Marshes, Somerset: A study on habitat restoration and the re-establishment potential ENRR632 2005/04/19
  The persecution of raptors in England ENRR343 2000/01/27
  The potential contribution of the mineral extraction industries to the UK Biodiversity Action Plan ENRR279 1998/09/28
  The potential for spread of alien species in England following climatic change ENRR090 1994/10/03
  The practical implementation of marine spatial planning - understanding and addressing cumulative effects ENRR599 2004/01/01
  The restoration of replanted ancient woodland ENRR269 1998/02/02
  The restoration of the chough in south-west England ENRR456 2002/04/01
  The role of corridors, stepping stones and islands for species conservation in a changing climate ENRR075 1994/01/03
  The role of fish in the management of freshwater Sites of Special Scientific Interest ENRR111 1994/04/01
  The scientific basis for predator control for bird conservation ENRR144 1996/09/17
  The significance of secondary - effects from roads and road transport on nature conservation ENRR178 1996/03/01
  The social and economic value of the UK's geodiversity ENRR709 2006/09/01
  The socio-economic impacts of implementing the UK Biodiversity Action Plan - species rich hedges in Devon ENRR397 2000/09/01
  The status and management of Dolomedes plantarious on Redgrave and Lopham Fen NNR in 1995 ENRR168 1996/01/05
  The status of Dorset Heath (Erica ciliaris) in Cornwall in 1996 ENRR353 2000/09/01
  The status of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in England ENRR516 2003/05/09
  The status, distribution and biology of phoenix fly (Dorycera graminum) (Fabricius) (Diptera, Ulidiidae). ENRR395 2000/09/01
  The structure and functioning of marine ecosystems: an environmental protection and management perspective ENRR699 2006/08/01
  The summer ecology and habitat use of the turtle dove: a pilot study ENRR219 1997/02/04
  The use of Woodland Grant Schemes on SSSIs ENRR282 1999/01/04
  The use of geological sites by schools ENRR523 2004/06/01
  The vegetation of mountains and moorlands of England: national assessment of significance ENRR218 1997/02/04
  The vegetation of the mountains and moorlands of England: a review of national significance and objectives for each upland Natural Area ENRR203 1997/01/06
  Towards Nature Conservation Extensions to National Accounts: Some Possible Directions ENRR117 1995/01/05
  Towards a strategy for the conservation of coastal habitats in north Norfolk ENRR074 1994/01/03
  Translation of Phase 1 data from field maps to GIS ENRR312 1999/01/04
  Translocation of vendace from Derwentwater to safe refuge locations ENRR635 2005/04/12
  Trembling sea-mat (Victorella pavida): baseline distribution and species action plan ENRR225 1997/03/03
  Trends in vegetation cover and species richness in Wytham Woods 1974-1999 ENRR363 2000/09/01
  Trial Measures of habitat (particularly woodland) fragmentation ENRR134A 1994/10/03
  Twenty-five years of change in a population of oak saplings in Wistmans Wood, Devon ENRR348 2000/09/01
  Unsaturated zone water content. Narborough Bog, Leics ENRR058 1993/01/05
  Update to quick reference to fens ENRR021 1992/01/01
  Upland resource survey consolidation project. Final report, Phase1 ENRR063 1993/01/05
  Urban impacts on Dorset Heathlands: Analysis of the Urban Health Life Project heathland visitor questionnaire survey for 2004 ENRR714 2006/08/01
  Urban impacts on Dorset Heathlands: Analysis of the heathland visitor questionnaire survey and heathland fires incidence data sets ENRR624 2005/02/01
  Urban impacts on Dorset heaths: a review of authoritative planning and related decisions ENRR622 2005/01/01
  Use of breeding birds atlas data to identify important areas for upland breeding birds in North East ENRR048 1992/10/01
  Use of farmyard manure on semi-natural (meadow) grassland ENRR150 1996/02/01
  Using a planning gain supplement for nature conservation purposes English Nature and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds ENRR672 2006/02/01
  Validation Network Project Lowland calcareous grasslands: Bromus erectus (CG3) grassland ENRR609 2004/06/01
  Validation Network Project Lowland heathland monitoring: covering dry and wet heaths ENRR669 2005/02/15
  Validation Network Project. Upland habitats covering – blanket bog, dry dwarf shrub heath, wet dwarf shrub heath and Ulex gallii Dwarf shrub heath ENRR564 2004/01/01
  Validation Network project: A pilot study ENRR596 2005/02/01
  Veteran trees initiative historical and cultural aspects: a bibliography ENRR318 1999/07/01
  Visitor access patterns on the Dorset heathlands ENRR683 2006/01/02
  Wannister Bog - decline in water levels ENRR056 1993/01/05
  Wetland SSSI Conservation objectives ENRR423 2000/10/02
  What might a British forest-landscape driven by large herbivores look like? ENRR530 2003/05/28
  Wildlife Enhancement Scheme: A contingent valuation study of the Pevensey Levels ENRR148 1996/01/05
  Wood pasture and parkland habitat action plan: progress report 2000. ENRR396 2000/09/01
  Wood-pasture and Parkland habitat action plan: Progress report 2003 ENRR582 2004/01/01
  Woodland management advice for Bechstein’s bat and barbastelle bat ENRR658 2005/10/21
  ‘Opportunity maps’ for landscape-scale conservation of biodiversity: A good practice study ENRR641 2005/11/09