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The area of key habitats in the East Anglian Plain (ENRR275)

Collation and summary of the data relating to special habitats in the East Anglian Plain Natural Area showed that the extent and standard of survey information within the area was variable, ranging from detailed National Vegetation Classification (NVC) surveys of some sites to a complete absence of data in some areas. SSSIs, with the exception of ancient woodland sites, were considered a priority for surveys, including the collection of NVC information. Without a comprehensive estimation of the areas of recorded NVC communities however, it was not possible to calculate the extent of valuable species-rich grassland and fen meadow communities within the SSSIs. Parkland/pasture woodland, bat sites and geological sites were under-surveyed throughout the Natural Area. In the past, specialist surveyors had largely concentrated their efforts on SSSIs. There were more important sites which had not been identified as County Wildlife Sites (CWSs) due to the paucity of information on lesser known groups such as lichens and invertebrates. Detailed information relating to CWSs was sparse and is restricted mainly to species-rich grassland in Suffolk and to a lesser extent in Norfolk.

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