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The status, distribution and biology of phoenix fly (Dorycera graminum) (Fabricius) (Diptera, Ulidiidae). (ENRR395)

Dorycera graminum has been accorded Red Data Book Category 3 status (Rare) (Falk 1991) and was listed as a priority species in the Biodiversity Action Plan. The plan includes actions to undertake survey to determine the fly’s status and to conduct targeted autecological research to elucidate the causes of decline and inform habitat management. This work established the distribution of Dorycera in 2000 using existing records and undertakes a survey at historical sites. As the preferred habitat was unclear and the genus had not been reared, the survey included recording environmental variables that help to define the habitat requirements or habitats occupied. The idea was that information would form the basis for more detailed autecological studies which were necessary before clear proposals for the conservation could be formulated.

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