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Chippenham Fen NNR. Monitoring 1991- Appendix 3 - Invertebrate monitoring (ENRR194)

The work described here continues a programme of annual monitoring of vegetation and invertebrates begun in 1991. The overall aim is to assess whether the water supply augmentation scheme at Chippenham Fen is adequate to prevent any detrimental changes to the flora and fauna caused by water abstraction from the chalk aquifer. Though vegetation and aquatic invertebrates have been monitored annually since 1991, terrestrial invertebrate survey was not undertaken in 1992, 1993 or 1994. The specific aims of the terrestrial invertebrate monitoring exercise in 1995 were: building upon the results of 1991 sampling, to sample for selected groups of terrestrial invertebrates following an amended sampling regime; to describe any major differences in the fauna between the two sampling periods and, if possible, to relate them to hydrological changes; to produce recommendations for future monitoring. The 1991 sampling of terrestrial invertebrates was not considered particularly successful, and to provide a poor basis for future monitoring. The inclusion of terrestrial invertebrates in the 1995 programme was with the intention of developing a more sustainable basis for future monitoring of terrestrial invertebrates on the site.
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