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Environmental taxes and tradeable permits: how well do they work for nature conservation? (ENRR322)

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The purpose of this report was to review the potential of economic instruments (EIs) as a policy instrument for environmental protection, and in particular for nature conservation. It was initiated initially to help English Nature evaluate the numerous proposals for economic instruments that have been developed in recent years. As such it provided an in depth analysis of one policy option. However, economic instruments need to be evaluated by comparison with a range of policy options for environmental protection, including regulation, information and persuasion, and formal voluntary agreements. The report concludes that proposals for economic instruments must be objectively evaluated on a case by case basis. Particular caution is suggested in the evaluation of benefits for nature conservation. Evidence from experience in Europe is beginning to suggest that these policy instruments can be environmentally effective. However, their role for nature conservation will be as part of a set of mechanisms, including a strong regulatory framework.

Downloads available for this record

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ENRR322 part 1, PDF, 2.4 MB 2014/04/15
ENRR322 part 2, PDF, 3.0 MB 2014/04/15
ENRR322 part 3, PDF, 2.5 MB 2014/04/15