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A survey of the East Kent grazing marshes for the freshwater snail (Segmentina nitida) (ENRR356)

This study aimed to carry out a wide-ranging survey of potentially suitable ditches on Stodmarsh SSSI, Ash Level and Preston Valley to determine the extent of the Segmentina nitida populations and to revisit most of the ditches in which S. nitida was recorded in a survey carried out during 1996, to determine any change. The results of this survey showed that Segmentina nitida was still living in ditches over a wide area of the East Kent Levels. It was found in 48 (46%) of the 104 ditches sampled. A comparison of ditches sampled in both 1996 and 1999 showed that there was little change in the abundance of Segmentina nitida. The results of the survey confirmed previous observations on the habitat requirements for Segmentina nitida. At all the Kent sites the ditches supporting the snail were generally similar, usually being surrounded by traditional unimproved or semi-improved grazing grassland and in a very advanced stage of vegetational succession.

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