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Invertebrates and their habitats in Natural Areas (ENRR298)

This 1998 report highlighted the features of most importance to invertebrates at a local scale. Key requirements are listed and examples of uncommon species that the feature supports provided. The report comprises 120 natural area tabulations with the following structure:

  • habitat features identified by Local Teams (1996 listing);
  • important groups of invertebrates for the habitat feature;
  • examples of rare or scarce species, or those appearing the conservation lists, known from the natural area;
  • specific need of the majority of invertebrates living in the habitat;
  • significance of the feature for invertebrates.

Volume 1: Midland and Northern Areas, Volume 2: Southern Areas

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Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR298 Volume 1 Northern and Midland Areas, PDF, 15.4 MB 2014/05/08
ENRR298 Volume 2 Southern Areas, PDF, 13.7 MB 2014/05/08