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The vegetation of the mountains and moorlands of England: a review of national significance and objectives for each upland Natural Area (ENRR203)

This report forms part of a series of overview reports covering habitats (eg grasslands (Jefferson, 1996), species (eg birds (Grice, 1996)), and earth heritage features (King et al 1996). These will inform locally generated core profiles of national priorities and have been produced to provide a national overview of the vegetation found within the mountain and moorlands of England. It describes each habitat, provides a summary of national status and European significance of each vegetation community, identifies key issues and suggests broad objectives.

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Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR203 part 1, PDF, 11.1 MB 2014/06/06
ENRR203 part 2, PDF, 12.1 MB 2014/06/06
ENRR203 part 3, PDF, 11.3 MB 2014/06/06
ENRR203 part 4, PDF, 12.1 MB 2014/06/06