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Chief Scientist Report 2022: Nature recovery, led by evidence (NE806)

This Chief Scientist Report, the fifth in its series, focusses on the key theme of ‘nature recovery, led by evidence’. It looks to highlight the breadth of work that we do in Natural England both to understand environmental change and to describe what the Organisation is doing to develop and test interventions.

This report again celebrates this work and highlights the specialisms and the sheer depth and breadth of the expertise of our organisation. As in earlier Reports in this series, we have highlighted specialists working in many fields ranging from Earth sciences and life sciences to the use of new technologies for biomonitoring, to remote sensing and Earth observation. Importantly, we have specialists evaluating the work we do and we have social scientists researching and monitoring how we – as a nation – engage with our natural environment, whether that be remote hillsides, wide-open Fens or urban watercourses.

Over the past few years, we have been progressively strengthening our role as a leader in applied environmental science and this report illustrates further progress that we are making as we improve our understanding of the science and evidence underpinning nature’s recovery.

As a science and evidence-led organisation it is also important that we share our learning and expertise as we provide objective, evidence-led advice. Collaborative working with partners will be key to our success and this report demonstrates just some of the ways we are doing just that across the sector.

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NE806 Edition 1 Chief Scientist Report 2022: Nature recovery, led by evidence, PDF, 3.4 MB 2023/04/20